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Ants Witness Jesus' Resurrection

Joseph and Josiah were two ants who lived in the ant colony which had moved into the tomb ordained by God to temporarily hold Jesus’ body. This colony, as well as all the ant colonies in Jerusalem had heard the news about Jesus’ crucifixion. They had heard about the scourging, the crown of thorns on Jesus’ brow, the whiskers being plucked out of His beard, the nails driven into His hands and feet. They had heard about the spear being thrust into His side after His death. They had heard, that in contrast to the thieves with whom He had been crucified, his legs had not been broken to hasten death, because He was already dead. Josiah and Joseph watched as Jesus’ lifeless body was placed inside the tomb. They wept tears of sorrow because they realized they were witnessing the burial of their creator. Then they wept tears of joy, because they had heard about Jesus’ prophesying that He would be resurrected. Joseph and Josiah did not want to disturb Jesus’ body, but they wanted to get a good look at the Son of God, so they crawled very close to Him. “How could people be so cruel?,” sobbed Josiah. “I don’t know,” replied Joseph in a soft whisper. “It looks like everyone would have been able to see that He was the Son of God.” “He was and is the Son of God!,” exclaimed Josiah. “You and I are smart enough to realize that God’s power is going to raise Him from the dead.” “Yes, we do know that,” acknowledged Joseph. “Say, I have an idea. As soon as it happens, let’s communicate to all the ants in and around Jerusalem about Jesus being raised from the dead. We can be responsible for letting all the ants worldwide know about His resurrection.” “Wonderful idea, Joseph,” said Josiah. “In fact, we can be the first of any of God’s creatures to share that good news.” Hour after hour passed and, with the exception of the time they spent eating and sleeping, Joseph and Josiah spent every second keeping a watchful and loving guard over Jesus’ body. Not a moment too soon for Josiah and Joseph, came the ordained moment for Jesus’ resurrection. The guards became as dead men. The light of the resurrected Son of God and the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit brought an amazing intensity into the tomb. “I wonder why some of those humans didn’t believe that Jesus was going to rise from the grave,” said Josiah. “I don’t know,” laughed Joseph. “I guess they just weren’t as smart as you and me!” To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements and/or puppet ministry, please email [email protected].

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