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     I woke up to my mom yelling at me to get ready for school. I got up told her to give me ten minutes and slamed the door in her face. It was the first day back from spring break and in this tiny town of Orland Indiana there wasnt much to do for a teenager, most of us just hung out in the woods. So i started getting ready i looked in the mirror after just throwing on my jeans and a hoodie. My curly brown hair was just past the center of my back and i didnt feel like doing anything with it so i threw it up, grabed my bag and headed to the car. mom was already out and waiting. "Well com'on we aint got all day and i got stuff to do!" she yelld as i came up the steps. "yeah to cheat on dad with your boyfrined!" after i cought my mom cheating on my dad things just fell apart. and the worst thing was, i think my dad knew, i couldnt say anything to him though. i just didnt have the heart to do it. so we all just sitt around in the living room not saying a word when moms in the room.

      I got in the car and put my headphones in. i wasnt going to listen to her crap on the way to school. So the whole car ride to school i could see her mouth moving but all i heard was my icon for hire playing loud enuf to make my ears bleed if i cared. when we got to school i didnt even wait for the car to come to a full stop i just got out and whent in. after getting my books and droping my stuff off at my homeroom i just walked around the building untill i ran in to my friend Austin.

"Hey! how was spring break?" he asked with his blonde curly hair covering his eyes.

"Just fine i guess you know how it is here." 

"Oh thats right you dont like being in the middle of bum fuck no where." we bothed laughed.

"weresling sesons over then huh?" i asked trying to doge all the people coming in from the buses.

"Yeah for this year. oh theres crystal!" he said as he ran up to her and huged her. i enveyed crystal she was skinny and had a nice figure were i was more wider but all the guys seemed to love to try and touch me.

"Hey May you got some color in your cheeks today! did you have a good springbreak mine was fine i had a few partys..." Crystal always seemd to alot going on and she always had a conversation so there was never a wierd quiet moment.

"Its good to see you too!" i laughed and then gave her a hug.

     The warring bell rang and we all whent to our homerooms. I didnt really pay attenchen to what was being said untill the princeable walked in with a new student. "This is jazzy manston. Mrs.doge will fined you a seat." Then he left. i was looking at her. she was kinda tall, sandy colored hair dark eyes and fairly pale when Mrs.Doge had me raise my hand so she could take the empty seat next to me. she sat down and took out her notebook and began writing...fast. i was watching her out of the corner of my eye and she was writing these wierd symboles.

"If you going to look at my writting at lest speak your mind." she said out of no were.

"I ,um, well im sorry. what do those symbols mean?" i finaly got it out.

"There for a spell." she said this with a straight face and i tryed not to laugh, because i felt rude? ohh no. because i didnt wana get in truble with Mrs.Doge.

after i stoped snickering i looked at her. "Are you kidding me? what are you a witch?"

"Yes. want me to prove it?" she raised one perfectly plucked eyebrow at me.

"Okay go for it." Was all i had to say.


     She mummbled some words and then blew on her note book and i couldnt belive my eyes. The words were moving around and the paper its self was changing difrent colors. 

"Howd you do that!" i gasped loudly.

she shushed me and gave me a pice of paper with a phone number and emile on it."if you want to know you'll get ahold of me." she got up just as the bell rang. the rest of the day was a blur. after the bus ride home i was happy to get home and fined it only to be my dad home. i went in and my dad was at work with his tools in the shop. So i just went to my room to listen to my music and do my home work. after about an hour my dad called me down and we had dinner. 

"How was your day?" he asked.

"Fine i met this new girl today an--" i stopped i didnt want him to think i was crazzy. 

"And what? did she threaten you?" my dad was always over protective. i liked it.

"No. just she did this thing and the words and this paper moved and changed colors." i took a risk.

"Huh? are you feeling okay?" he stopped eating to look at me.

"Yeah.. just never mind." i put my face down and stuffed my mouth with food so i couldnt talk anymore.

"May you've always tolld me evrything and i've never known you to lie. So if thats what you say happend i believe you. but how?" he looked at me. 

i shrugged still chewing my food and feeling relifed he didnt think i was crazzy.

     After dinner i want to my room and got on my yahoo account and emailed Jazzy.

 May13: hey jazzy its may from homeroom..."/

jazzy(*: hey i knew you'd want to know more. you look like the cuiros kind. :3

May13:okayy...well what can you tell me ?

jazzy(*:i can tell yoou im a witch and now that you know my secret ill have to kill you.

i didnt know what to say.

jazzy(*:kidding gosh!!!!! lol haha you know?

May13:ohh..lol okay

jazzy(*:meet me by the corn field down the street. no queistons just go.

     Then she logged off so i put my pajama bottoms on n my shoes and walked down to the cornfield. okay now what. I thought to myslef, when all a suden i saw a bright light in the corn feild by the old tree. "I might as well be the dum bimbo who dies first." i said to myself as i headed in twords the light. it took about five minutes till i got to the light and saw jazzy standing by the tree. It was the tree! "ITS GLOWING?" i said. as jazzy grabed me and pushed me in too the tree. As i took a beep breath i felt asharp pain in my chest and then i blacked out. I woke up in a puddle of water surounded by the smell of a ocean.

"Well good morning." Jazzy said as i looked around.

i jumped not remembering she was there lastnight. "Were am i?" i said sitting up.

"My home." she helped me stand up and i looked arouned. we were in a cavren of some sort with plants that looked like they belonged in a rainforest.

"Were is..your home?" i askd afraid we were achally in a rainforest and id been kidnapped.

"With yours."

"This dosent look anything like my home!"i said loudly.

"Because its another part of it. the spirti part. so your not gone your just ...moved." she smiled.

"Why!? WHY me!?"

"You were most vaulnrable."

"To what!" i was ready to cry, i was scared and angrey.

"To be taken. iv taken u to my world so that i can trick the queen in to giving me back my brother." she sighed.

"How does this include me! And queen of what?"

"Queen of lost souls and sinners. you, were a lost soul. i have to trade her a soul or a sinner to get mybrother.But dont worry i wont let her keep you. After i get my brother ill grab you and well amscray back to your world and all be safe! And then its done!" she said this like it was nothing.

"And what happens when she relizes im not a soul. im a body and a person..."

"Oh yeah all i have you descised. See all the lost souls wear relay beautiful gowns like greek gods. So we put you in that she'll never know." she smiled

"What happens if this dosent work." i asked shaken from all of this.

"Well...worst case sanarieo. we all die. no big deal though. sence every one in town thinks your dead anyways." she at first lookd sad but as she said the last part she smiled.

"What do you mean!!! im right here im alive!!!! Im not dead!!!" i yelled.

"Well you see time stands still here. but it took you five of your days to wake up. alot sooner than i thought you would of woke up."

      I thought of what i knew of law. if they didnt fined you in about a week they called it off and assumed that you were dead.

"TAKE ME HOME! NOW!" i yelled hitting her as i started crying.

"Look you can ether help me and get home in about four mounths your time or stay here for ever i dont care its up to you!?" she yelled back waving her hand. then some sort of roots came from the ground and restraned me.

"Fine ill help..." i said trying to stop crying.

"Good." was all she said as she snaped her fingers and the roots disiperd. Then she grabed a shell from the water we were in and mummbled to her self and then next thing i knew i was looking at a dress that looked like it belonged in a painting to a greek godess.

"Put it on, and leave the rest of your cloths here. Oh no shoes." i did as she said and then followed her to a little boat that we used to get to the beach. After walking ,for a few hours it seemed like, we came to a gate made up of thorens and roses. it was the most beautiful thing id ever seen.

     We walked threw the gates and threw a garden of the most wierdest but most beautiful plants iv ever seen i asked Jazzy what this one was she said it was a 'monacrosebud'. It looked like a normal rose but with the paterns of butterfly wings and had a dust on it. one of them i thouched and it flew away after taking a form of a butterfly. we finally came to this huge castel and there were gaurdes at the door.

"Im here to see the queen. i have a soul for her." They let us threw. the floors were as dark as the night sky and the roof was painted with pictures of what jazzy said was past lost souls now at peace. we came befour the queen and jazzy grabed me arm and pulled me in to a bow with her.

"Rise." and we stood up.

"This is what you bring me? A human. Still body and soul together." she didnt seem pleased.

Jazzy didnt say anythng. "Please, your umm... hines cant we just make a deal for her to have her brother back?" the words came out of my mouth befor i could stop them.

the queen rasied an eyebrow and smiled. "This girl, Jazzy is willing to help...so ill make you a deal. she ,you and your brother stay here. And this girl acts as the replacement for my daughter that you so doughtfully killed. and she and your brother shall give me an hier to the thrown." i felt my heart sink and i felt like throwing up.

"Done! Thank you so much!" was all jazzy said to who'm i dont know.

"Bring out kyle!" the queen yelled and two gards left and returned with a teen about 18 in rag looking cloths and its light brown hair was nappie and his light blue eyes looked stunned at the bright like.

"Kyle meet your futur wife and mistress." she said as she pointed to me. I felt the blood rush to my face and she smiled and then saw his sister. "What are you doing here its your fult two inocent people are goinig to be stuck here!" he yelled

"Enuff show them to their rooms and make sure kyle and this younglady..your name is?" the queen said now adresing me.

"May..." I whisperd.

"Make sure may and kyle have a room together. i want an hair as soon as possible. then after the hair is born you will all be free to leave."

      After we were shown our rooms kyle sat on the bed and looked at me. "So lets get started. i wana get out of here!" he said with a smile.

"Wow! go to hell im not doing some guy i dont even know yet alone dont love!?"

"Look girl-"

"my name is May." i said cutting him off.
"Okay?...Look May iv been stuck here 8 years and i want to get out of here so lets just fuck and you have the baby and we go out sepreat ways kay?" he said as he stood up and pushed me on the bed.

"NO NOT OKAY!!! If you want to get out of here and just look at it as a fuck, your out of luck! you have to prove your self!!! i dont care if this is a diffrent world im not my mom!!" I yelled scared he was going to rappe me.

"fine..." he sighed and layed next to me.



by alicia fallis more coming soon




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