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Grizzly Bear Hankers for Robin's Food

Grizzly Bear hankers for robin’s food   By Greg Miller   Gregory the Grizzly loved his diet of bear food, but he wasn’t totally satisfied. He observed other animals to see the food they were eating.   In fact, he always was eyeing Rhoda the Robin’s daily supply of “moist and marvelous” earthworms. “They look so appetizing and appealing,” Gregory said.   “They are pretty delicious,” Rhoda agreed. “But God made me to eat earthworms, and He designed you to consume Grizzly Goodies.”   “I have an idea,” Gregory said.   “What’s your idea?,” Rhoda asked.   “I was thinking that since earthworms always look so tasty, maybe tomorrow I could have a couple of earthworms for a snack, and I could bring a special treat to you,” Gregory said. It’s rattlesnake meat, a delicacy for any palate.”   “Well, maybe just one tiny bite,” Rhoda agreed.   “I just can’t wait to have one of those juicy, little earthworms gliding and sliding down my throat,” Gregory grinned.   “It’s a date tomorrow then,” Rhoda stated.   The following day, Gregory took a small bite of rattlesnake meat to Rhoda. “What does it taste like?,” Rhoda asked.   “Some humans say it tastes like chicken,” said Gregory. “But I don’t think so. I think it has a distinctive taste all its own.   “I don’t eat rattlesnake meat very often,” Gregory continued. “But it’s my favorite, either as a snack, or as a main course for dinner.”   Rhoda picked up a freshly-harvested worm and asked Gregory to open his mouth. “I’ll have to feed you just like I feed my babies,” she said.   Rhoda gently dropped the earthworm into Gregory’s waiting mouth. Almost immediately, Gregory spit out the earthworm. “What’s the matter?,” Rhoda asked. “Don’t you like the taste?”   “Not this particular earthworm,” Gregory said. “Where did you get it?”   “On the ground near that log over there,” Rhoda said.   “That’s probably the problem,” Gregory said. “Last night, when I was trying to sleep, Miss Sally Skunk invaded my territory. In self defense, I hit her with my paw. She fell and hit her head against that log. She didn’t survive the accident.   “So if you retrieved Mr. Earthworm from that spot, some of Sally’s protective odor may have been absorbed into Mr. Earthworm’s body.”   Rhoda asked Gregory if he wanted to sample another earthworm sometime. “I’ll try to be more selective about the location I use the next time,” Rhoda promised.   “Thanks for the offer,” said Gregory. “But I think I’ve learned my lesson. “From now on, I’m just going to eat the Grizzly goodies God has provided for me, and I’ll leave the earthworms for you. Believe me, they are for the birds!”   To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements and/or puppet ministry, please email [email protected].

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