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             It is after midnight and Ray is just talking to his friend Dave on the telephone and suddenly it goes dead and the electricity in his house shuts off.  Sitting there in the dark for a few seconds, he waits for the lights to flicker back on, thinking lighting struck a pole causing a momentary blackout.  Then he realized there was no storm.

            There’s no light shining through the bedroom window either.  No streetlight from the road he lives next too.  No cars driving by making there lights float from one side of the ceiling to the other as they pass.

Ray grabs his blue Bic lighter off the nightstand and flicks it on.  He still can’t see much, other than the orange glow of the flame, but then again he doesn’t really need to, he knows his house.  He sits up in the bed and throws his feet over the side to get up.  Just as they are about to hit the floor, he notices something quickly jerk underneath the bed.

            “Shit!” he yells in cowardly voice as he pulls his feet back up on the bed and puts them under the covers. His hearts practically dribbling like a basketball against his chest.  After the momentary shock subsides he realizes that it was probably just one of his cats, and now feels like an idiot.

            Still, he could’ve sworn that whatever he saw had no hair.  But then again he didn’t really get a good look. He mostly saw just movement.  

            The metal on the lighter is getting really hot and starting to burn his thumb so he lets it go out.  He hears movement.  This isn’t a cat, or a dog for that matter.  It sounds heavy and slow: dun dun…dun dun…dun dun.  With about two seconds in between each sound.

            Almost paralyzed with fear, he finds the strength to strike the lighter, but as soon as his thumb touches the metal he jerks it back because it’s still blazing hot.  Whatever is making that sound it isn’t moving very far or fast.  It sounds like it’s still under the bed and is just walking in circles, or walking in place.

            All of the sudden his bed shakes a little bit.  Not a violent shake, almost like one of the legs of the bed got kicked.

            “What the hell is going on here?” he screams not really expecting an answer, just pretty much out of scared frustration. 

            The flat screen TV sitting on the dresser at the foot of the bed turns on and a completely blue picture lights up the room.  Whatever is under the bed stops moving or making any sound.  Ray looks around the room as if expecting to see someone there holding the remote control, but he is all alone, wondering if he is crazy or hopefully dreaming.

            White letters start appearing against the blue screen as if they are being typed by someone.  They start forming words and then a sentence: “What was said sets me free, no longer trapped in black eternity.”

            “Who,” Ray starts but then stops at then fact that he is about to talk to his television.  “Who are you?” he finally asks.  The screen clears and new words start to form.  The screen now reads, “Dark.” 

            “Your name is ‘Dark’?” Ray asks now slightly amused and confused.  The screen doesn’t change.  “What are you?” he asks.

            The TV clears and responds, “Misunderstood.”

            More than puzzled, Ray says, “How so?”

            “I’m not evil.”

            “People think you’re evil?”

            “People think I am the devil.”

            Ray’s feels fear rush over him.  “Why would people think that?” he asks the TV.

            “I killed a child on my first attempt,” types across the screen.

            “Attempt at what?”


            “Entry into what?” Ray asks hesitantly. 

            “Your world.”

            Ray falls back against the headboard of his bed in shock.  My world? Where are you now?” he questions.

            “Under your bed.”

            All of Ray’s muscles tighten up and his eyes open widely, as he holds his breath in fear.  The TV shuts off and the room goes pitch black.  Ray hears it crawl out from under the bed.  He hears it breathing now.  There is a thump, thump, thump as it moves across the room, towards the bedroom door.  The door swings open and the thing exits the room just as moonlight starts to illuminate the surroundings.

            “Goodbye,” it says.

            Ray still sits motionless.

            “…and thank you.”

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