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The Attack of My Love

Tony was always a one to sweep a woman off her feet. When I saw him on the dingy street with the nice clothes I thought, well, this is a WIERD day. I was walking into Fashion Stop when I felt a firm hand tap me on my shoulder. I twirled around fast, to find the handsome gentleman standing right in front of me.

" Well HELLOOOO," he says, letting out a long,low whistle. "Excuse me? May I help you?" I was feeling uncomfortable and really just wanted to keep on shopping, go on with my life, and get this creep out of it.

" I was wondering would you like to go out to dinner or something?" I was outraged. Did he just think I was a hooker on the street? I was walking into Fashion Shop for crying out loud.

"No thanks, jerk," I said as i sashayed in the door.

As I was walking around, rummaging through the new clothes, I felt a hand on my hips.

" I am sorry if I came off the wrong way. I really like you,I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I was being a jerk, and I respect you for telling me. I know your not the way you percieved me of thinking. I am sorry, but whenever I see you, you turn me on," he said the last part with a lopsided grin.

I, being 25, was immediately drawn.

" Ok, OK! Here is my number, give me a call. But let me warn you, I have 7 brothers and I am not afraid to use them."

Only half of that was true, I actually have 3, but I have close friends that are my "brothers".


I got home and threw myself on the pillow. I was just lotioning up when I got a phone call.



Tony: Hey, babe.

Ceanna: When did I become your babe?

Tony: Since you gave me your phone number, so now let's heat it up. Where is you house?

Ceanna: Tony, your being a jerk...

Tony: Most women embrace my jerkiness.

Ceanna: Well then I'm not "most women"

Tony: Your even better. Now when can I come over.


Tony: FIne, fine. Dinner, tommorow, the Cavaro's.

Ceanna: G'night

Tony: Goodnight-- Babe.


When did I become his babe and why? We had just met and I don't even know hsi last NAME.


I woke up this morning tired and sleepy, I was thinking today was gonna be a horrible day when I remembered

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