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Searching for an answer to himself

Tom fixed his belt as he came out of the bathroom, looking up he noticed that Chris was now occupying his seat. Mike was standing next to Chris and in the middle of telling the joke that he had told to the group of people earlier in the night. Upon finishing, Mike and Chris began laughing as Tom just stood there; they looked at his blankly.
“What? You don’t find my joke funny?” Mike asked him.
“No it is.” Tom replied.
“Then why aren’t you laughing?”
“Because I heard you tell it before.”
“That doesn’t mean you can’t laugh again, I have feelings you know.” Mike pretended to cry.
Tom, sitting with his back to the front of the bar, was unaware that his friend Brian was now sneaking up behind him. Mike continued to hold Tom’s attention as Brian snuck closer. Brian wasn’t necessarily the most mature of the group, but at thirty-six, he was the oldest. Brian is the voice of reason, the wise old man, and he is the only one who has been married to the same woman for over ten years. Brian was now right behind Tom. He pulled back his hand and then brought it forward with a thunderous smack against the back of Tom’s neck. The force of the hit knocked Tom forward causing his to momentarily loose his balance. Once he regained his balance, Tom turned around with his fist raised; ready to knock out whoever it was that hit him. Brian put his hands up in defense, blocked Tom’s punch, and then proceeded to smack him in the forehead.
“Ow, you dick.” Tom said as he rubbed his forehead, which was now turning a shade of red.
“Well you shouldn’t have tried to punch me.” Brian greeted the others, then turned his attention to Tom, who was still rubbing his forehead. “Oh calm down, it’ll be all right, here let me see it.” Tom moved his hands, and Brian smacked him once more, drawing laughter from the group. “That was too easy.”
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