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Raging Hunger Part 2 with part one


Raging Hunger
by Brandon Music

Hope had come from the past and never from the future as was in david’s case. Holding the picture of his mother and two brothers he started to sob. Why? Why did they have to die? His family had passed away into death in a deadly drive-by shooting that took the live of 46 people.

He was in a deep depression ever since the day it happened. Nightmares were his ally at the time when he went off into a slumber where he would awake only minutes. the horror would never stop. HIs dreams consisted of only two things: Watching his family die in horror and his mother’s last words “Why have you done nothing to help us”.

Clenching the photograph in his hand he got up from the bed and put his hands on his dresser drawer. He majestically pushed them to the right side destroying the vases and glasses at one time his mother had loved almost as much as he. He then raised his hands from what he thought to be a ceremonious bow and gazed into the mirror. He could see he almond shaped with the geometric nose. His brunette, wavy hair put to one side symbolizing how part of him was dead ever since that day. His was barely able to keep his vision from the tears that crowded it. He raised his right hand ( again still clutching the photo ) pounced on the glass shattering it to pieces.

“It still haunts me,” he said to himself while wiping his blood off on the bed,”I have to move on.”

“Dont forget about us” a voice said in the distance.

“IT is I, your mother,” she said her voicing beginning to become louder. “YOu must revenge us you have felt it coming ever since the day of the shooting”. “We must no die in vain son , please we hunger to have died in peace please, son please!”.

Then in a quick move her voice was out . Nothing but silence filled the room with the man whose heart broken and empty. He wiped away he tears and tried to contemplate what he should do. She he follow his mothers words? He then decided to sleep on it.

Part 2

Nothing unusual occurred during his dreams except one thing. The same horrible nighmare paraded in his mind like that grand finale of a fireworks show. Then it came to pass and he came to be in his bed (still dreaming). Blood covered his body, his muscles defined and vains bulging as though he was from a strenuous activity.

He pondered this the entire morning. What could he have done? Was it a prediction from him going on his mother’s advice? IF so then why was there a feeling of uneasiness inside him?

He got up from his bed and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. He cut around the corner to get to his kitchen. He quickly stopped and stood in amazement of what he saw. There was blood everywhere, the ceiling, the walls. Cabinets were ripped from the walls; some even snapped in half. It was unreconizable to luxury it had once been. His possesions were his life and they were gone. Not to mention the fact his heart began to race at the thought of how he would clean this up. Then suddenly a knock.

He froze in his place for the terror. Who was it? He slowly forced his limbs to walk to the door. As he made it the rest of the house was intact. He opened the door a screaching occured making him slightly jump back.

As the door come to its end point two men in black uniforms should up
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