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Don't Look Down

   Carrie had had enough. She placed a note on the kitchen table, picked up her bags, then made her way to the bus stop.
   'Hi, mum,' she said after arriving at her house.
   'What have you done?' she asked, noticing Carrie's luggage in the hallway.
   'Oh, mum, Iv'e left him. I couldn't take any more.'
   Her mum didn't know what to say, so she went to make some coffee.
   Next day, Carrie had a visitor.
   'Carrie, please don't do this to me. Come back home?' Tom pleaded.
   But was she listening? She ignored him and stepped back inside the house.  After hearing his car pull away she put on her jacket and made her way into town.
   While in town, she ran into Craig. Craig was Tom's best friend. At first she tried to avoid him, but there was no escape.
   'All right, Carrie.  How's Tom?' he asked her.
   Carrie stood silent for a moment. She didn't know if just to say he was OK, or tell him the truth. The latter seemed best.
   'Iv'e left him, Craig.'
   Now it was Craig's turn to remain silent, but after a few seconds, he said, 'Youv'e what?'
   'Iv'e left him. I've had enough.'
   'You've been together for ages. You just can't walk out on him.'
   'But I have, and it's going to be a long time before I set foot in that house again.'
   Craig, later, went to see Tom. Tom told him that Carrie didn't want to know him, and there was little he could do about it.
   A few days later, Tom had an idea - he went to see Carrie's mum, knowing Carrie would be at work.
   'Can you have a word with her,' he asked.
   'I'll have a word, but I think I'll be wastimg my time.'
   She did have a word, and Carrie still didn't want to know.
   The Weeks went by and Tom became very depressed. There seemed little point in carring on without her
   Then one night he got into his car.and drove to a nearby seaside town.  After abandoning the car, he walked towards the promanade, finishing up on the pier. Looking over the edge he saw the waves crashing into the bottom of the pier. His body was shaking - then he jumped.
   Carrie was disraught when she found out. She paced up and down smoking a cigerette. Her eyes were full of tears. It wasn't all his fault that he had become so bad tempered. Being made reduntant didn't help, and he had been finding it difficult looking for another job.
   She the threw the cigarette to the ground, wiped away the tears, before making her towards the large building in front of her. After walking through the main entrance, she made her way up the long corridor and into a room.
   'Don't you ever, ever do anything like that again,' she said in a temper to the person in the room.
   'I won't,' Tom said, looking up at her from his hospiatal bed. Luckily for him. Someone had seen him jump and dived in to save him.

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