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Ruin Gate

North America present 2012

The Ruin Gate stood half concealed behind some dying wild raspberry and thistle weed brush, seemingly part of the smll rocky outcroping in the middle of a scrub forest at the edge of the high platue desert of mid Oregon. Thus it had stood even well before the first long forgoton great cities of the ancient past. This gate, so we will call it was much more than that, yes much more, fore in its heart lay a spark of awareness of a sort. not like yours or mine, different, dormant, for now...waiting perhaps for its time to come around again..waiitng to work its now half forgoton purpose that had become somewhat chaotic yet sometimes wonderful. Like a spin of a ghastly roulette wheel where death and insanity could result as well as greatness. So semi slumbered the crystaline semi inteligence of the ruin gate. The creator of this relic remembered only in a dim horrific racial memory, disturbing and hypnotic, full of despair yet inascapable.



There were those upon the planet earth, even now, that had a special....gene if you will or harmonic rememberance, just a small bit like a fragment from a lost computer program that no one knows what it did. There were however a mere handful that had, so to speak, a string o code with in them. Most, never knowing or feeling anything. Some going insane, unable to stop the flow of endless worlds and half human bizzare inteligences more like a creature of the deep.


Such a person through chance or maybe something more. something long lost brought the hiker ever closer to the ruin gate. This man had no home in the normal sense, nor did he care to have one. He seemed to live on the fringes of this forest and none paid overly attention to him. The man liked to tink of it as...growing (dim). He smiled at the thought and followed what seemed like an old but strangly wide aniamal track. Coming to the wild rasberries and only yards away from the ruin gate itself he felt a never before inner vibration of wonderful power, and a strange calling to come closer.


Starteled but strangely compeled victor slowly walked forward with a near rapture look on his face. Finding a small parting he soon stood in front of the ruin gate. At first he saw only broken rock, but then like a hidden puzzel the gate itself stood forth, never to be unseen again. Strange pulses of light dimly swirled around the semi oval of the ruin gate. Victors facination nearly broke and he almost fled the spot, but soon a calm washed over him and a subconciouse and partly concious flow of communication washed over his mind, explaining murmuring, promising, revealing. It became too much and Victors head could barely contain it. He near blacked out but stood steady and breathed normaly again, amazed and awed by what he only partly understood.


Here was a wonder of wonders, here was a ..a thing? That could open your mind like a can opener or exhalt you to unthinkable wonders. He sensed the barest hint of the half human who created the Ruin gate and recoiled from the alien feel in his mind. The Gate had plans, big plans. Plans that included him in a large way. Earth changing plans. He didnt know it at the moment but the gate had chsnged him in many ways. He was now near immortal, near invulnerable, vastly more inteligent and yet also i new measure of potential malice and indifference wich wood have ment something else entirely to the once might race that used the gate for eons.


Victor had a sudden thought of how those that had ben responsible for burning alive all he loved dearly could now be made to pay. He thought a question to the Ruin Gate and is said, more or pupil and indulge yourself for now..but soon there is much work to do. Smiling and feeling like he was in a waking dream, yet knowing it WAS real he began to walk out of the forest..and suddenly found himself in the exact place he had ben thinking of near a narrow dirt road a few miles from a small town. Startled and pleased Victor thought to himself he must be more careful of random thoughts lest he find himself in a bad way. He realized suddenly that he felt no fatigue nor thirst, but was bursting with a controled energy and clrity of thought.


He thought back of that long ago time when his wife and two daughters were alive and treasured. How his small cabin in the woods was perfect and all was wonderful. The men in black had bad intel to say the least. Victor himself looked like what could be described as a cross between a hit man and a biker but mentaly balanced more than such would be. The government men swarmed in with full armament and Victor raised his hands in alarm and he screamed. the G men one of them a tank of a man rushed forth and barreled into the door right as his family was going to innvestigate the scream. the shock took the door and family straight into the wood stove which was not very stout and it cracked open and caught first his wifes dress on fire then the daughters and the heavy door lay right atop them all.


In seconds they were screaming masses of twisted flesh. By the time the oaf of a man got the heavy door off of them they were barely alive and died soon after. Victor in shock and outrage attacked insanely only to be clubbed down with one blow of the but of a sub machine gun. Later, the feds simply offered him a cash setelment making him sighn a wavior of sealed lips (or else). Over the years he found out, most carefuly the top planner of this horrific mission and everyone else involved and wished them all horrible deaths in impedent fury.


He thought of that one man now and also thought of himself as more than dim to everyone. Inan instant he stood outside a wood paneled office door. He willed himself on the other side, silently and appeared unoticed in front of a large fleshy bald man looking at ariel photos and making notes. Victor just stood for awhile, thinking, planning, then smiling. In an instant he revealed himself only to Mr. halbert and waited. The man noticed and was well starteled..YOU! how did you, how dare you I will what you uncaring murdering bastard? Suddenly Halbersts throat could form no words, nor could he move. Victor smiled at the panic struck look and said slowly. i want you to listen closly to ll that I will tell you, for it iis to be your doom and it will be filled with woe and horrors that even you could not imagine.


He begane slowly to explaine all that was to come to past in the near future for the head of black oops in America. At first nothing but stunned disbeleife, then the dawning realization of the fate that awaited him. His eyes bulged he troied to scream and blubber and beg but could not do so. Along with the words dim mental images of each new punishment appeared. If Halbert had hair, half of it would have turned white. Get up no monster, your path is before you. Unwillingly he rose, please I pleae dont do this. Was all he could croak out in a small voice. Suddenly he was in a village he knew well, the small group of locals at first fearful then with instant knowing what was to come were jubulant. ten years before this man had tortured and mained many to extract what was in the end information of little or no value.


The exact nature of the retribution is too terrible to tell in detail, Let me say that in the end he was a mad gibbering man thing who knew only pain. Victor would not let him die yet. This is only a small taste of the hell i have planned for you, only a small bit. He half healed the man with a thought and told him. Think of this, should i will it i could put you truely in eternal torment. Even this will not bring atonment, the gate itself shall deal with you in the end. So it went in this mundane form until the black oops man stood before the gate itself and trembeled terribly. Let all the sins of your wicked life now be truely a part of you, you shall serve the gate in what ever capacity it deems fit for you. At that moment a horrible change came over the man, he shortened legs and arms vanished, scales an rimitive eyes with boney eye sockets appeared. Also, you will always be aware you were once human.. The new part reptilian part sdemon looking creature wailed in dispair and vanished in a flash of blue light. We will look in on him later...


A great sigh of satisfaction came overvictor and the ruin gate was well pleased. Come, said the Gate i have something to show you. Victor approached the now polished gate that had strange ruins on every inch of it and victor found himself far in the ancient past a spectator like a ghost. Some of the beings around him sensed him and thought nothing more of it. These beings were tall over seven feet and walked with a cruel purpose with fanatical determination. The city they lived in looked immpossible , thin and glassy and hard to look at, like it belonged in another dimension.


He senses that several of them had the same purpose, that being t wipe out a pesky alien race that had ben interfering and plundering gold deposits. He followed them into a pulsating room where there stood the gate in splendor and power. Joining mentaly with the gate they focused and channeled all of their power to the planet of the aliens and willed the planet itself to implode and the molten core it self to burt assunder. Millions od aliens died in seconds. The remaining ones on earth mental felt the suffering and tried to flee, but to no avail, they were captured and sent inot the black void of the phantom zone along with all their space craft. Victor was stunned at the display of power. One of the beings suddenly felt his emotion and thought to him. Being of the future, you must far surpase this deed to fulfil your own potential and that of the gate, Fail and you will suffer in a dark place unimaginable torment with no escape, win through and you will be granted the ability to create your own universe. At these words he found himself back in front of the gate in oregon


I need a break thought victor. He found himself on an alien world with a yellow tint ocean calm and with a strange light, he felt relaxed and serene. He strecthed out upon the alien sand and rested..for a short time.

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