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Thanks For The Memory

   Kirsty waited and waited, but where was Gavin? Then she saw him approach.
   'What kept you?' she asked him in anger.
   'Sorry, Kirsty, I got held up.'
   'Come on. Let's get inside or we'll miss the film.'
   While watching the film, Kirsty realized that Gavin was showing little interest in what was on the screen, and even less interest in her.
   'You're quiet. What's wrong?' she asked him?
   'Nowt's wrong. I'm just tryin' to watch the film. That's all.'
   'Yeah, sure you are.'
   After leaving the cinema, Gavin walked Kirsty home. She didn't even get a goodnight kiss. She knew something was wrong.
   Next day she found out exactly what was wrong - he was only seeing someone else, well, according to her friend Jane. She was furious.
   'What have you been up to?' she asked him that night.
   'I don't know what you mean?' he answered with a sly look.
   'Yes, you do. You've been seeing that Claire.'
   '  NoI haven't'
   Kirsty didn't believe him, so she went round to Claire's to find out the truth.
   'What have you been up to with my Gavin?'she asked Claire as soon as she opened the door.
   'Are you winding me up? I ain't even interested in your boyfriend.' Claire said, before slamming the door in her face.
   But Kirsty still had her doubts. She was determined to know what was going on. 
   Saturday arrived, and Gavin had told Kirsty that he was going to a football match, but according to Jane, he was seeing Claire. So she decided to follow him.
   She waited around the corner from his house. When he left to go to the match she followed behind. Once in the High Street, he stopped outside a cafe, and after a few minutes, Claire arrived. Kirsty hurried across the road to confront them, but she didn't make it to the other side - she was hit by a car.
   'What happened?' she asked, after waking up in a hospital bed.
   'You got hit by a car,' came the reply from Gavin.
Kirsty couldn't remember crossing the road, or events leading up to her crossing it, much to Gavin's relief.
   After coming out of hospital, Gavin took Kirsty on a night out to the pub. He wanted to forget all about Claire, but once inside the pub, Claire was sat at a nearby table with a few of her friends. Kirsty then noticed smiles being exchanged between Gavin and Claire.
Thanks, Gavin,' Kirsty said after Gavin had been to the bar to get some drinks. Then Kirsty threw hers all over him.
   Gavin stared at her in disbelief. 'What was that for?'
   'Iv'e just remembered why I started to cross that road,' she answered, before calmly hobbling out of the pub.

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