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Lack of Sleep and Forgiving

This all is so silent and I'm burried alive
I'm finding I'm wasting my time
Well, I found out I'm wasting my time
So stop looking to the past and stop leading me on
Stop saying we might when it was no all along
Move on, be something, be whatever I didn't let you become
Grow up and be treated young
This tension is tight but these words read loosely
Easy written to be picken apart
Say this was me but you broke my heart
And I promise I'll never forgive you

Take a lesson in the obvious
'Cause your knowledge on timing is shit
Keep wording your intensions to mysterious conclusions
You're already over this and a few steps ahead
Don't ever say you loved me or lip sync it behind my back
You never reeled in your slack
Well, from now on it's as real as it gets
You'll never see this smile to feed my regrets
I promise I'll lie and say I'm over you and what you said
You were my last... a heart can't love if it's dead
And I swear I'll never forgive you

I've said this before but this time it's for real
This is the last you'll hear from this abandoned boy
And I don't want answers I can't handle the truth
You had me convinced and you "act fairly well"
We could have been friends but you made a mistake
You smile as you sleep while I lie awake
You never just wanted a break
Liar, you are playing games and this was the lowest blow
Go on, run off with someone and leave me all alone
He knew what he was doing and now so do you
But now you got me thinking that you were never true
This is straight from the heart with some mind on the side
Keep looking but soon you'll see nothing but lies
Sadly, you're nothing but a picture to hide
And I promise I'll never forgive you
I'm sorry I want to forgive you
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