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Life Will Come This Way... I Hope (2)

  I am so tired. Makes me wanna curse. But I like to keep it clean, always. I may be an unruly child, but cursing is not the way of the Lord. Though little else I do is the way of the Lord. Mmmm. I gotta think about that.


  My mom is a dumb hole and she went to work and left me home and told me not to move. Well guess what? STEP, STEP, STEP! MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! WIGGLE, WIGGLE. What is she going to do? NOTHING! Exactly. Is anybody on the same page as I?


Sometimes I just wanna run away and be with my lover. Wonder where she is? Lemme get my cell. So I can hit the lil' girl with a text.


"Kaliyah, can you come over? My mom went to work. Dumbhole(Mom). ;] <3"


She's a fast texter and next thing I know, she already hit me back.


"I'm coming, and DON'T CALL YOUR MOM A DUMBHOLE! Impolite mess. <3"


Seems like she was waiting outside because as soon as I put my phone up the doorbell rang.


GOODNESS just geting everything set up when she popped up. I wonder if she knew I was gonna text her. CREEPY!


"Hay babe", Kaliyah says, kissing me.






Til Next Time. And to all of you people who are thinking " WHAT THE HECK IS SHE DOING MAKING STORIES ABOUT LESBO'S. I AM NOOOOOOT LESBO. I have a husband. Named Darion Dunbar, and he will be on the stories lost. :]

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