Did You? | By: Scott Crowder | | Category: Poem - Introspective Bookmark and Share

Did You?

Did you enjoy breakfast today?
Did you have enough to eat?
Did you throw the rest away,
and put the trash-can in the street?

Did you watch the Playoff game?
Did you watch MTV?
Did you see those killed and maimed,
by roadside IED's?

Did you see the Father cry?
Did you watch the bodies burn?
Did you see the dead GI,
as the Casket was returned?

Did you, like me, support the lies?
Did you feel us being used?
And did you switch to Freedom Fries,
when our proposals were refused?

Did you see children who have no food?
Did you feel the mother's sorrow?
Will breakfast still taste as good,
when you sit back down tomorrow?
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