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Maybe: Warming Up.. Continued

He hasn't talked to me in a while and I am starting to miss him. He was the wind underneath my wings, my rock. He has been hanging out with a different crowd. The wrong crowd. He is getting in trouble all of the time now. He never responds to his mesages and I think he even changed his number.It is crazy what just 3 words can do to a relationship. I love you. It can make it akward. I love you. I makes it wierd and crazy and it seperates friend zone from lovers. I LOVE YOU!


It is something I think I will never do again. We were the best friends for life, I thought it would never end. I am older now and understand who he REALLY is and how much I was dreaming. It was ridiculously stupid to think it could he even work for a day. We were best friends, how could we just erase that. If I felt that way before I should have just say that. Before we were friends. Before we were what we were. I was foolish and now know that.


I was so suprised when he came up to me and.... Apologized?


"Hayley, listen, we have been through ALOT in out little years knowing each other. I LOVE you. Just too embarassed to show it, tell it, or express it. I have been thinking all the time I have been avoiding. I have met alot of people but  no one like you. You are the best Hayley. I know that people have put you down before, me included. I am SOO sorry. You are the best Hayley."


I was so shocked, I didn't know what to do or say. Maybe I could go back to loving my man. Ok, future man. I just couldn't believe he said that. And in the knick of the



We kissed.....


I was a very passionate kiss, something from in the books. I loved every moment and the moment seemed very planned out. Because after the kiss, he asked me to be his girlfriend and gave me a ring.

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