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Hey every1 3rd part of the series I am really enjoying writing this that’s why no other fanfics have been written for ages but I will do soon enjoy!!!~


The bright sunlight peered through the window as Ella slept and all seemed calm and quiet. The door opened slowly with a creek, Ella still fast asleep. As the door opened further open a long leg entered followed by a curved lower body and a strong chest. The stranger’s face was covered in a tight mask so no one new the identity of the stranger. Ella awoke with caution and approached her bedroom door and opened it.

To Ella’s surprise a person was standing there “ Get out of my house if ya don’t I will kill you, I’m a champion of Seville” Ella shouted and pulled the person the stranger to the ground. The stranger wiggled ferociously to try and get away from Ella it was no use Ella was to strong. Ella pulled off The stranger’s mask and to her surprise it was an old friend she thought was dead. “Fowari.. Is that really you?”

“Yes” replied Fowari. The door opened and Therox entered the room “Hi Ell.. Who’s this?” questioned Therox.

“It’s my old friend Fowari”

Later that day Ella and Fowari were catching up talking about how everyone thought Fowari was dead and as they were doing so Therox sneakily left the house. Therox went to meet the same man he did at the woods but this time was talking to him a lot longer. “So is he going to be there tonight?” asked Therox

“Yes everything is under control, nothing to worry about” replied the man

“There better not be I want this under control, I just want to get rid of her” shouted Therox.

Meanwhile back at the house Ella and Fowari decided to go to the local tavern to get some drinks. “So Fowari I need to tell you something really important that happened while you were gone.”

“What is it “ Fowari asked.

“Well… it’s Ga..”

“hahahahahahaha I have you now Ella”

“Who who are you?” Ella Screamed.

“ I am The Fire Demon, the most feared beast in Seville. I am hear to destroy you, hahahahahaha” laughed the Fire Demon.

Ella jumped in the air and attacked the fire demon, nothing worked. The Fire Demon through an almighty fireball towards Ella but she dodged it, The Fire Demon let off another ball of fire which hit Ella this time leaving her to tumble to the ground.

“Please Fowari destroy him use your spells” said Ella desperately.

Fowari picked up a card Water blast it said on the card and she threw it towards The Fire Demon. “argghhhh” The Fire Demon screamed in pain. “Again Fowari again” shouted Ella. Ice was the next card she used and also threw it at The Fire Demon and froze him. Fowari leaped in the air and .. Therox kicked Fowari to the ground “You BASTARD” Ella roared “You traitor”

“ I have to do this I have to defeat the champion of Seville which is you Ella but will kill anything that gets in my way like Fowari”

“Sorry Fowari but your time is over”

“Noooooooo” Ella said and leaped towards Therox with an almighty kick.

“Finish him now Fowari, finish that demon.” Fowari attacked the demon and destroyed it but Ella was still fighting Therox. “Why could you do this to me Therox” as Ella kicked him again and again and again until no noise came out of Therox’s mouth only blood. “That bastard deserved to die Fowari, no one Betrays me.”

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