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love for the first time

i knew a boy who emptied his emotions to himself
burried deep in papers of thoughts he thought were getting old
repeated memories wrote repiticous fragment sentances
open heart surgery couldn't piece this back together
swelling fingers and broken pencils
this was love for the first time
crumpled papers and bloody knuckles
this was love for the first time
lessons of misery and homework was holding his frown
school of heart break is only teaching love to these senses
and letting go is an option for expulsion
but then what was it worth to him to live this way
love for the first time
a perfect couple who only listened to the saddest songs
last on everyone's list to have end up this way
and he'll bare those last words tightly around his neck
along with his last "i love you"
so here he is again, spilling his last emotion
a hollow boy, lonely at his knees
with no where to go and nothing to think about for all he knows is one thing
the one thing he thought would carry him through now only drops him further
an unawaring sucide so to speak
for he is the only one to blame
strike three...
love for the first time
love for the last time
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