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Me and my friend were shopping the other day.She and me are
both interior designers.And we started discussing about designs curios
and murals.We then went into a coffee shop at the mall and sat down .On
a cup of steaming expresso and some chocolate dounuts we began discussing
further.We then shifted the topic to pollution and global warming.
Pollution is a real killer.Most countries specially big towns
are not able to come up with solutions.Pollution is one major killer in
big cities.We call big cities concrete jungles.Well our conversation got
interesting.And we decided that on our visiting cards we will print
and advice our clients to keep indoor plants.Like they say every drop makes
an ocean,ever cent makes a dollar.Hence if every individual keeps plants
indoors it surely will make a difference.Well at least minimum three
plants per person.
While we were shopping we had time to spare so we went to
a plant nursery.The plants were so beautiful.We found all kinds and did
a little research.There are three kinds of plants one which needs a lot
of sunlight,one which needs medium sunlight and one which needs no sunlight.
The plants which need no sunlight and medium sunlight can be kept indoors.
Small plants can be kept anywhere in the house u just need a small tray under
it so the water which leaks out does not dirty the place.
We saw beautiful little red flower plants,touch me not plant,we saw
the most amazing and cutest bonsai plants(i really loved those)cactus etc.
I think the best indoor plants to keep are Aleo vera and bamboo shoots and
bonsai.Aleo vera plants just need to be watered once a week.Bamboo shoots
dont mess the house at all cause they just need fresh water and they grow
without mud,Bonsai well they r just beautiful and amazing to see.Small
versions of the real thing.There are a lot more plants that we saw which
were amazing but these three were personal favorites of mine.
I've kept over thirty plants in my house.Small ones which
are hassle free.My friends kept them to.She bought about as many as i did.
People do so much in house i think they should do a little more for their
environment and plants do make the house look happier and they say well
thats what i've heard is that bamboo shoots bring luck in the house.
Well something like pollution is a very huge problem but
i guess everyone in their own way can do something and smokers stop
smoking.Every little effort counts in the huge scheme of things.And
pollution is one of the worst things to be fought against.Sometimes
i wonder why people are finding alternate planets in the universe and
forgetting and neglecting our planet.Well i guess its human nature to
always look on the other side.People paying trillions to go to the
moon and galaxies etc.But look at our own earth dirty polluted .
Please do keep indoor plants and help out in controlling
pollution because there isnt much space to keep them outdoors so why not
start keeping them indoors and make something like this compulsary.
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