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Never Broken

Never Broken

Standing there he realized what was about to happen. He was the leader of the rebellion. His fighters exscaped from slavery to go underground and build up their forces. They had little chance to defeat the royalty. Though he hoped they would.

IT was now time for the final battle. The royaly had it fleet of grand ships destroyers, battlers, flying majestically through space. Brandon and his rebellion had only destroyer with a singularity drive.

" Captian set the coordinates to the royaltys ships," brandon said with straightening his hair.

They engaged the singularity drive. IN an instant they were they were there. In front of them a field of ships with blazing glory. Many ships circling one their royaly's "carriage". All ships were equipped with massive weapons. Neutronian bombs, protianina guided missiles and lazers. All with nearly infinite range and power.

Sudden fear came into Brandon. HOw could they win? They had massive ships and the rebelions were miniscule. IT was truly an uphill battle indeed.

"Go after the royalties own ship concentrate all fire power." Brandon gave the command and they all listened.

They did as commanded. Though the royalty was quick to respond. Minutes turned to hours and nothing was left except the two command ships. It was down to the final part of the battle.

" Go straight toward them and release our mind but keep them magneticaly grappled," Brandon said with an articulate voice.

" What are these infintiles doing," the royalty said. " Ingage them and activate the viewing screen and setup a visual communications link."

"Commander Music if you believe my ship with blink and turn away before yours does you are truly mistaken, I am 3rd class general and leader of the royalty defense you will perish , commander fire at will" he said with aggravated aggression in quick firey tones.

" Yes i know that general, captain put all power to the shields." Brandon said with signs of him beginning to sweat.

" What you fail to release commander is with now wepaons your sure ship will be descimated," he ordered.

" And what you fail to release general is my ship is carrying neutronian mines," he said then got a smile on his after a serious look.

Brandon move his ship downward and relesed the mines. They hit the royals ships in the main deck, fuselage and engines bay. It went donw in a blaze of glory. The rebellion did not break, they won.

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