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Back To Our Feet

Feel forever young and stupid
Fighting with myself to grow up
These times are getting harder
And I feel us falling seperate
I'm not ready for this step yet
I'm not ready to see you go
I've fallen to hard to come back up
And I just want you to know
This is the coldest June of my life
And it gets colder with each day
We've had warmer days in winter
Back when things felt less different
'Cause now when you're in my arms your distant
And you're slipping further everyday
Before we slip to far, let's take it back
Just one more step, before we fall of track
I spend to many nights up thinking
Thinking about everything we've been through
Thinking about all the times we spent together
And... where they all went to
I miss the days I used to wake up
Open my eyes to your pretty face
Now it all feels done
Feels all displaced
We're drowning baby but we can save this
We can save this.... let's save this
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