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Never Mend

I spent last night sitting up
Thinking about the day you did it
Did you spend last night sitting up
Thinking about what you did
Or did you simply close your eyes
Dream about those fucked up lies
And plan the day you do it to me
Break my already broken heart again

Well here I am screaming to you
Face to face through your picture frame
Despite my words you sit there smiling
My broken trust is all you are now
Your pretty frame no longer holds you
The same way from when I used to know you
Before the day you did it to me
Broke my heart with your lust again

Oh, why couldn't you just love me
How hard is it to be honest and trust worthy
Now I know we'll never be
Everything I planned for you and me
Nothing is as it should have been
And I promise I will never love again
Because a broken heart never mends
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