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This tragedy

Looking back...
I never looked ahead
I've spent this time retracing footsteps in my head
These days it's hard to stay focused
And lately it's been hard to get out of bed
Where do you start when you don't even know what you want in the end
And where do you look when you've lost your motivation
I walk myself into failure with disasterous footsteps
Don't call this hitting bottom 'cause I've been here before
You don't know the depths I've met
The holes I've crawled out of just to fall back in
Like choking with just enough air to suffer to live
And I'm sick and tired of being just that
So you can pack my memories and do as you wish
This tragedy is over with

I'm not looking back anymore
Forever I'm looking down
I'm juggling only future burdens to broaden this frown
This is my final chapter
And let's see who reads to the end
Well I'm not afraid to be on my own
I'm not scared to be alone
Expierience is the opposite of fear
I can only laugh off the pain
But these jokes, they grow old
And so does this complaining
You're only remembered by your last words
This tragedy is over... and may I never speak again
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