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A pencil's words

This pencil is down to it's last words
And what do you know about me
"Nothing" comes from this screaming
And this fine lined paper is as loud as it gets
And I laugh as this story of success leads me further to no where
Chapters of happiness trapped by covers never opened
Only summerized as it's placed face down back on it's shelf
Awaiting it's movie you await my death
But laziness is only judged by another's ambition
And this voice is choked by exhaustion
These words are geared toward anyone who can read
Not every great novel had a cassette
Cracking ice reminds you it's melting
... Here's your post-it
Only in foreshadowing false hopes and dreams I find happiness
Though happiness only achieved until recognition of it's falsehood
So where do I find my base
'Cause I'm lost in open endings
And the nothing I have to put away when the night is through
A pencil only has so many mistakes it can clear up before it's eraser runs dry
Now you're second guessing what you write
This pencil is down to it's last...
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