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This Diet Isn't Working

These stupid fights start at the absence of reason
Yet we'll fall for it again and again
The,"I thought, she thought..." swarms my head from wake to bed
I swallowed my words
Now I'm digesting my regrets
This diet isn't working
I've been down here chasing this problem to the ground
I suppose I'm just tired and overthinking
I'm sorry if this is my fault again
And it's alright, don't talk to me
I'll go ahead and figure this out on my own
Draw my conclusions from the looks that you give me
Or by the ones you don't give at all
I'm just not as good at this as I thought
You made it clear... you don't need me
I'm the one always crawling back
So what am I here for
I hate one way streets
Would you like me to stay
Or should I finish my way to the floor
Don't be afraid to say, I already softened up the truth

These nights have their way of taking the time off your hands
Bitter cold in the basement of heartbreak and forgiving
Is what you do the least
I've foreshadowed this in my dreams of your absence
Funny how I always thought it would be me
I always thought... I always thought it would be...
Dull days of the same old source of entertainment
Occumpanied by those silly things you'd say
But once again I put to much trust in my design
A design that had failure written all over it
My illiterate way of thinking has gone ahead and gotten the best of me again
But I suppose I can't blame you for pushing me aside
I suppose I should have known
Love is a mask for dispair
About as meaningful as an infidel with a bible
But what do I know
Don't trust these words to the fullest
They've been wrong a million times before

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