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A Poet's Goodbye

Well, it's been awhile since we've been happy
And the look in your eyes has long since been faded
I'm coming to the painful realization that you're looking to move on
Crumbling in my reality and barely getting by
Probably last to break it to you but I was never woth your time
So swallow all my waisted lines of how we're doing fine
'Cause I'm choking on these problems and the fact that they're all mine
Don't take this as my love has faded 'caue that will never die
I'm just giving you your chance to drop me as I drop my pride
My beatless heart is breaking and I'm not ashamed to admit I cried
This devistating situation has left me bone dry
Though my new salution has been liquid and filling up my nights
I'm screaming over nothing but the voice in my own head
But all this has gotten me nothing but a realationship gone dead
So I'm sorry for these arguements and I'm sorry you got involved
And I'm sorry I can't work these out, I suppose they'll go unsolved
If you want I'll pack my bags and everything that I know
And I'll always remember you as the best thing I had to go and blow
So place this in your box and lable it "The Last Song That I Wrote You"
I'll never forget you...
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