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Little Beating Pieces

Don't worry about me I suppose I'll be okay
We don't need to go over this again
I got it down fairly well
I'll just clench my fists and keep these words to myself
I havn't yet interrupted
And your pre-speached arguement is going as planned
Could have almost guessed your next line
Instead I sucked it up and prayed it wasn't
I could never handle anything on my own
On my own... on my... last hope for us
Another bloody mess of knuckles and liquer
Once I've cleaned this all dry I'll have forgotten you
Well, at least I tried

This room remains bare and dull with out you
And I still sleep to one side of the bed
I've cut myself out of these photographic memories
Yet your face is still burned into my head
These lines used to describe how much I loved you
Just more waisted words and time
Similar to what you're doing now
We were always so much alike
Ironic how we got to where we are
Or where we aren't... where we...
Speak nothing but arguement
And act nothing but drama
Well, so the crisis ends

I swear I'll forever try to forget you
And this broken heart still beats
I swear I'll never come to regret you
A shaddered heart and it's little beating pieces
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