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Broken Love

So this is what broken feels like
All banged up and out of date
And this lonely mood is a miserable state
This reappearing frown cracks an awful piercing sound
Your memories leave me falling under
Falling under life and these words that I've written
Constant talking to myself but I never listen
But you never listen
We're running from each other
But we're only escaping our selves
Much to young for this
This search party for happiness
Like needles in haystacks
Finding only dulled senses
And emptied bottles
And I realize... it's all for you
So this is what love feels like
When you can't remember your own self
Or the way you were before this
Back when you used to smile
And everything was worth it's while
And now I realize... it's all for you
All this time trying to finsd myself
I've spent finding you
But you'll never find me
And I'll never find me
You'll never hear my voice again
Or try to read these lips
These words read quiet
And I havn't talked to anyone but this notebook
I havn't anyone to talk to but this notebook
You'll never hear my voice again
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