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Never Out of Hand

Never Out OF Hand

Sadness ran through the family. They had run off together. The two who were undoubtedly in love and needed to be together. He had changed for her. There was something special about them the family knew. 'till now it was nothing more then a passing thought.

That was then. This is now. The world's in shambles and we cant do anything about it. Our power has diminshed. Katherine and I change cities once a day, we're hunted like dogs. The thoughts of his willingness to accept death and its "serenity" pleasured like that of an afternoon massage. They had left their families to protect them. NOw they were the one who needed protection.

Nervously Michael lit a cigarette and lightly smoked it. A calming sensation sweeped him. The feelings of agitation and paranoia slowly-but surely- flowed away. He began to go into a calm surrender. Then he quicky came back to consciousness as he heard a noise. It was the demonic cult that had followed them. Katherine we now by his side shivering in terror.

Michael recognized their leader it was the man simply known as "The Apostle". He had long brunette, flowing hair. He face was shrewdly covered with a dark cloak to signify his power. He could still make out the face. IT had an elongated nose and chin (often the remnants of plastic surgery). The rest of his face was calloused evidently with involvement in battles.

The Apostle reached into his long, draping cloak released a magnum from it. Its brilliance was unsurpassed michael had odd omnipotent feeling. He knew what was about to happen.

The other "apostles" quickly ran over and pinned michael to the ground. His struggled valiantly to get up but is was no use the inevitable was about to happen. The apostle slowly walked over to katherine. He eyes brightened as she lifted her head. He could the beautiful flowing hair and face. HE turned his attention to Michael and saw the look of him begging him not to kill her. With a quick decision, he raised the gun and fired. Boom!

" Sorry Katherine you could have been with us but you realy had to join your lover boy Michael," the apostle said with a muttered laughter.

Michael sank into a depression and passed out. As he woke they were gone and he life was sparred.

There were flashes of anger as he lay remorseful beside his love's body. How could they do that? Why did they kill her and not me, why? He slowly picked himself up and quickly wiped the dust off himself. He now had a goal. To get revenge on the person that made this happen. He knew fault it was and it was time for them to pay.

He scampered to basement which was completely lifeless except for the old clock they lye dormat from light weeks on end. He quickly went to a drawer and grapped and 45 magnum. How shiny it is he thought and came into his hands. This will make the person pay.

The gun gave him power to take life that had taken Katherine. Days passed into years and finally he caught up with "the apostle". It was the time, the time for revenge against all.

The apostle had aged mildly with his geometric face still intact but now fully visible. He had a smirk on his face. He knew what could happen.

"Ah, Michael what pleasant suprise I knew you would find me." His said still without removing he evil grin.

" Now those responsible for Katherine's death will pay, they will pay with their lives,? He said as got relief what he wanted to do for all these lonesome years.

He raised the gun and aimed right at the apostle's head. The magnum had not left his hand all this time. A bullet scurried about the air as Michael pulled the trigger with slight euphoric look in his eyes. It hit the apostle straight in the ear he fell over instantly and died.

"Now theres only one more to take care of," he said raising the gun slowly. As it passed his ear lobe he fired. He instantly fell to the ground dead. The gun never left his hand.
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