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The Fridge, the Bag, and the Storm

The refrigerator hums as the late night moves closer to the morning. Itís a rather nice fridge. The avocado color with black handles and a certain splash of golden brown that runs aimlessly throughout the body of it always has been appeasing to the eye. The refrigerator by itself serves a great purpose, whether it is keeping my drinks cold or my cheese fresh, it has always been by my side. From a young age I have appreciated the importance and relevance of the refrigerator. It preserves things much like salt does. As you can see, the fridge is a very important aspect of my life as it is in everyone elseís. But what I thought could be a problem with my fridge actually turned out to be something else.
During the great storm last night which wiped out most of downtown and destroyed several homes, my fridge brusquely went out. Thatís right, my drinks were no longer cold nor was my Gouda Cheese preserved. But now that I think about, I really should go to the appliance store and get some stuff to fix my fridge. I knew that the storm was unbelievable something that Iíve never seen before, I mean it had enough wrath to eradicate most of downtown. With a storm as big as this I really should be thinking about other things then my fridge.
This storm would be a memorable one, but what good does it do if I donít have anything to help me remember such a monumental day. So I decided that I should grab my camera and a bag. I stepped outside and thought to myself, wow, what a storm. You know when youíre a kid and you always wanted your streets to flood so you could take a boat down the street? Well thatís what it looked like. I decided to grab my canoe and set sail. As I floated down the street something caught my eye. There was a house that was floating along the street at about the speed of my canoe. I made sure to take a picture of this because I want to remember it.
Farther along the forceful river of water that moved throughout the streets, I saw a person waving their arms wildly in the water. I thought to myself, anyone who puts that much energy to get noticed should be rewarded. I took a picture of him and made a promise to submit it to the Chesterfieldville Gazette. By the way thatís our local newspaper which every Chesterfieldvillian gets. I got some great shots, so I decided that I should find a relatively dry spot and gather some of the wreckage.
I found a great spot where the water hadnít completely encompassed the house. So I paddled over there quickly and secured my boat. I grabbed some remnants of the destroyed house and put them in my bag. I thought that I should sell them on EBay, I could make a killing. Then I could donate the money for the less fortunate who have lost something, for instance me. I did lose my all important fridge.

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