Alone | By: L. Blythe | | Category: Poem - Surreal Bookmark and Share


Alone I now sit in the dark. Wondering why I'm alone. You said you'd be back before midnight. But you still haven't come home. The hours are passing by. It seems I've waited an eternity. Another hour is halfway up. The clock now reads two-thirty. It's now almost three. I think I hear a car door shut. I run to throw open the door. But what I see, turns my gut. Two policemen gets out of the car. at the door, one sheds a fat tear. The other takes off his hat. My heart now beats with fear. What do they have to say? Why have they come here? Where is my only parent? Why is he not near? The two police tell me, that my dad has been killed. The lonelinest I had felt, turns very, very real. I soon awake. My dad is at home. I realize it was all a dream. That I am not alone. Lynnaye L. Blythe

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