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Time Will Heal All Things _________________________ 1 All things will be healed, they say by time. But is that true for a life, like mine? 5 I lost my family, three years past twelve. To a bad car accident that left me wealth. 9 I didn't want money. I didn't even care. I only wanted my family, with my life to share. 13 Friends would tell me it'll be alright. But I knew it wouldn't, since that fatal night. 17 I turned a mean person. Full of hate. I was losing my mind at a very fast rate. 21 I started to drink. I started to steal. I started to smoke, With a mind to kill. 25 I wanted to see that driver and speak my mind. To tell him how I felt. To be left behind. 29 Thinking about the killer, I wanted their family dead. To see how it would feel, to have innocent blood shed. 33 I went to a shrink, after I went crazy. To get some help that might just save me. 37 One of them told me to be open-mind. To see every thing'll be healed, by the power of time. 41 I told them they were crazy. That I didn't have long to wait. That I wasn't going to sit here and let time heal all the hate. 45 Slowly but surely, as the years fly by. My life is starting to heal with God by my side.

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