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One day this beautiful girl with dark straight hair and
brown eyes and peachy skin went fot a walk .This beautiful girl was the
girl with a heart of gold.As she was walking she saw and heard this man
singing.It was the most wonderful music she had heard.His voice captivated
her.She went near him.She looked at him and stood there hearing him.she
could not say a word to him even after he stopped singing and spoke 2 her.
She use to get very scared.Everyday they started seeing each other he
kept trying to talk to her but she was afraid.Afraid of his feelings for
her.Afraid she will hurt him.So she kept her distance and kept hearing him
sing everyday.
She would close her eyes and stand in the distance looking
at him lovingly and hearing him.She did worship and love him.But she knew
their worlds were different.One day she said bye to him.She said bye because
she knew herself and knew she's beautiful and had broken a lot of hearts.But she
could not break the heart of the man she loved.
She put her head down said bye turned around and while walking
away she had tears in her eyes.She went away for a few days.When she was away
she missed him and weeped for her love.When she came back he had left. He
was no where to be found.She went back to her house and cryed.She kept coming back
but he wasnt there.One day this beastman saw her.The beast man fell in
love as soon as he saw her.The beastman had to have this beautiful women.
The beastman was the master of the beasts the all powerful
and he was strong.The beastman commanded respect.The beastman asked his
slaves to watch her guard her and keep her safe.Then for a long time he
kept watching her.Protecting her from the bad and evil.He could not be
away from such a divine creature he was truely in love.So he asked her
parents for her hand in marriage.The parents said yes cause they were
wise.So this beautiful girl was wed to the beastman.
The beautiful girl was still in love with the singer
and so she kept her distance from the beastman.But she knew something was
familier like she knew and had senced someone looking at her and watching
her.For a long time she had thought her singer.No it was her beastman.
The beastman had been watching and protecting her.She lived with him in
the same castle but was aloof from him.She knew the beastman loved her.It
hurt the beastmans heart to see her so away from him.But the beastman knew
he wasnt goodlooking he was half beast.
Since he loved her he was tolerant and patient.He kept
his distance and gave her everything she wanted.She was surprised to.seeing
the beastman.He kept surprising her with his goodness.At first she was scared
of him then she realized how good he was.Slowly the singer was going away from
her mind.She saw the singer again but she had started feeling for the beastman
so she kept silent.She still had a place for the singer in her heart
but he had gone away.Left her with tears and the beastman was there protecting
her.Slowly she fell in love with the beastman.One day while she was looking
out of her balcony the beastman came and gently brushed his hand on hers.
She turned looked into the eyes of the beastman.
This was the first time he had touched her it had been a whole year since
they were together.She knew he was half beast and not good looking.But she
was in love with him .In love with his heart.In love with his wisdom and
how he cared and protected her.So this time she leaned forward with all
her love in her heart and kissed this beastman with tears in her eyes.
She kissed him gently on his lips while looking into his eyes she was
truelly in love with him.A tear escaped the eye of the beastman.
Suddenly there was a rainbow in the sky and by magic the
beastman turned into an handsome prince.The beautiful girl and the beastman
[the prince]looked at each other.True love created that magic.It was
a gift from the heavens for the beastman who was so good from inside and
ugly from out.A womens heart is very deep and full of love if she loves
someone she will love him deep forever.Even the heavens shine upon
people who truely love.If someone loves you they will love you anyway
no matter who you are what you doand how you look.Its whats inside thats
The beast man and the beautiful girl lived happily
but had their little fights etc.They had a very cute son.And the was a
rainbow over the castle of the beastman forever .And the heavens smiling on
them and the blessing from heaven on true lovers. I BELIVE IN TRUE LOVE WITH
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