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Eternal Pain

Eternal Pain

Time began to pass quickly. MIchael was backed into the corner, the love of his life in hand. How could they get out, he thought? Could it be done? The chaing began to press tighter around the shrouded, scraped bodies.

IVe got to hold on, he thought with a moaning to beginning to form. The pain grew stronger like adrenaline does to a body. Then with a rush the pain was gone the chains were released. He Donna quickly fell to the ground panting heavily.

Michael tryed to pick himself up with his fingers rubbing to the dark mud of the ground below. People surrounded them like an audience at a freak show. The two were half naked& battered, bruised. You could hear a loud laughter eminating from every point around them in the dome.

Why were they here? They didnt know.

Suddenly the captor, with no precedent began to speak "Michael It is I lucipher that has an offer for you. I will give the booth of you eternal life no strings attached. A deal for which you can not turn down truely will be the greatest which you have ever known."

Eternity! How could I turn that down? WE could spend eternity together he thought with his excitement barely contained. " Yes" michael said abruptly refusing to think it over any longer, "yes we will".

"Very will your answer will be granted" the devil said with a sly look in his colorless eyes.

Suddenly Satan came up to Donna and put his hand behind her ear and slowly stroked to his hand covered the entire back part of her skull. With a quick move he snapped her neck nullifying her life instantaneouly.

"How could you do that? You said we would spend eternity together" Michael while filling up with tears.

" Yes I did and I will hold to up my word," he said has he claw turned to a long Luminous blade.

His blade reared back gathering energy for the finally. ONe swift move and michael's torso was sepearated from his other half. Satan did leave up to his word they would spend eternity together
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