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The camp bus driver growled at them to pipe down as the bus hit a bump causing them to bounce off their seats. Daisy the penguin stared out the window thinking about what her parents had told her before she got on the bus

Now whatever you do honey please try your very best

What a weird thing to say why didn’t they just tell me to have a good time or something like that she wondered as she continued to stare out the window

Hey check it out! Cookie cried out I think I just saw a wild cat

Huh? Are you sure? I didn’t see anything Daisy answered

Yah it went behind those rocks Cookie added

Oh I wonder how much longer until we reach camp? Daisy asked

I don’t think it should be much longer we should be getting there soon Cookie shrugged

Suddenly without any warning the bus came to a rough stop

Okay you little creatures every one off the bus! The bus driver ordered as he pulled the level and opened the door

Hey why are we getting out here? Where’s the camp? Tommy the tiger cub asked the driver who just ignored him and walked off the bus

Hey! I was talking to you! He angrily yelled after him

Can you believe that creep? He added once they were outside

Yah I wonder why he’d tell us to get out here in the middle of nowhere? Is someone from the camp coming to pick us up? Vicky the dragonfly asked

I’m not sure but hold on I’ll go and ask him Cookie answered her

Umm excuse me but is someone from the camp coming to pick us up soon?

I don’t know and I don’t care he growled before he pulled the level to the bus and slammed it shut in her face

Hey I was talking to you! Cookie yelled she had to suddenly leap back because the bus suddenly took off

Cookie joined her friends a couple seconds later

That jerk just left us in the middle of nowhere! She frowned

A few seconds later they heard an angry growled

What was that? Sammy the turtle asked

I don’t know it could be one of those wild cats that I saw earlier Cookie answered

Quick pick up some rocks maybe we can scare them away Daisy said. They had just finished gathering their rocks when they spotted the wild cats approaching them

Wow! They look hungry Sammy muttered

Okay on the count of three throw your rocks as hard as you can

Okay ready one two and before Tommy could reach three. There was a loud bang causing the wild cats to spun around and run off

Hey look at those wimps run! A loud laugh rang out from behind them

You kids okay? Howdy I’m your friendly camp director Mr. Spooks now grab your things and jump on the bus

What where those things? Tommy asked once they got on the bus

Oh just forget all about those nasty little kitties and just enjoy the ride Mr. Spooks smiled

How far is the camp from here Vicky asked

Oh we’ll be there within a hop and a skip little lady

Less than five minutes later they arrived at the camp grounds

Wow! That was quick I wonder why the bus change? Cookie whispered over to Daisy. She was about to answer her back when Mr. Spooks got up from the driver seat and cried out

Welcome to camp Freak mare! Your camp counselor Freddy will give you kids your bunk number. And once you finish unpacking and grabbing something to eat I’ll see you later on at tonight’s campfire

The girls were assigned to bunk A and the boys were in bunk B once they finished unpacking they went looking for the boys. But they couldn’t find them

I wonder where they disappear to. Vicky asked

Let’s go check out the mess hall knowing those two they’re looking for some food! Cookie laughed. A few minutes later they found Tommy and Sammy by the water shed

Hey where have you two been we’ve been looking all over for you Daisy asked

We went to see the camp nurse Sammy answer


One of our bunk mates Jay Fox got his hand bitten by a snake Tommy explained

Oh my god! What? The girls exclaimed

Yep he was making his bed it was hiding underneath his pillow

Oh wow! Is he going to be okay? Cookie asked

I guess his hand blew up like a balloon though and was pretty freaked out by the whole thing. But I’m sure he’ll be fine Tommy shrugged

How did it get inside the bunk? Vicky added

Don’t know the whole camp is probably filled with them maybe you guys got some hiding in your bunk! Tommy laughed

Not funny Tommy so what did you do with the snake? Cookie frowned

Oh we put it inside some bed sheets then we went out into the woods and threw it back. Hopefully he won’t find his way back Sammy smiled

Later on that night they all gather by a bon fire by the lake. Eating hot dogs and toasting marshmallows after they ate Mr. Spooks climbed to his feet and said

Okay I’d like to welcome you all too camp Peace Joy I hope you all found your bunks comfortable. And now that we got that out of the way I’d like to go over some of our camp rules

First lights out will be at nine sharp now I’m sure that some of \you my get an itch to break these rules and try to sneak out after lights out. But I’m warning you now that we don’t allow it and we’ve our ways of making sure that our campers obey our rules. Some of the counselors laughed at this

The other important thing these woods are filled with wild bears and they’re unfriendly hungry little creatures. Someone made a loud growling noise that made them all laugh

Okay settle down you won’t be laughing when one of those bears rip your little head off Mr. Spooks frowned

Okay I need two volunteers

Both Tommy and Sammy made their way towards him

Now I’ll show you all how to survive if you do bump into one of these creatures

First lay flat on your stomach and cover the back of your head and try your best not to move. Okay thank you boys you can join your friends now

Have there ever been any bear attacks here at camp? Daisy asked

A few but let’s not worry our pretty little head about that. Okay before we break up for the night please do your best to have a great time during your time with us. You’re all dismissed enjoy the rest of your night and I‘ll see you all in the morning

The next morning they quickly got dressed and went to breakfast. When they were done they went by the lake for a day of water sports. On their way back Tommy and Sammy heard a horrifying scream coming out of the woods

What was that? Sammy asked

I don’t know but it sounded like someone getting their head ripped off or something like that Tommy shrugged

When they reached their bunks they noticed that Jay’s stuff was missing

Maybe he just went back home Daisy shrugged once the boys told them the story

Then why didn’t he just tell us that he was leaving instead of just taking off without saying a word to anybody. I just think that’s a bit weird that’s all Tommy answered

Well did you guys ask Freddy maybe he knows what happened to Jay, Cookie suggested

Later that day the girls ran into Tommy and Sammy

So what did Freddy say? Cookie asked

He didn’t when Tommy asked him if Jay went home or not he just shrugged and said that there’s never been any camper by that name staying here Sammy answered her

What? Are you kidding us? What do you mean he was never here we all seen him! Vicky exclaimed

I know that’s what we told him but Freddy only laughed he thinks that we’re pulling a fast one on him. And told us to get lost Tommy added

Oh really we’ll see who is pulling a fast one on who let’s go see Mr. Spooks. Maybe he can tell us what really happened to Jay, Daisy frowned. And as Cookie and her friends walked over towards the camp office her mind was racing

There’s something very weird going on around here but what

Well that was a big waste of time Tommy sighed as they walked back towards their bunks

Yah I can’t believe he denied even knowing anybody named Jay. He just laughed at us like it was a great big joke Sammy added

Yah real funny well I guess they’re not going to tell us anything. It looks like it’s going to be up to us to figure out

what’s going on around here. Before we all disappear right along with Jay, Daisy told them

The next day the boys were surprised to see that the girls were waiting by the lake

Hey what are you guys doing here I thought you were supposed to be on a nature hike this morning? Tommy asked

Yah us too but after we got dressed Freddy popped into our bunks and told us to report to the lake. That our hike was concealed Vicky explained

Yah that jerk just walked away smiling when Cookie asked him why they concealed our hike Daisy frowned

A few minutes later Freddy walked over towards them and asked

Okay who’s ready for an awesome water rapid ride?

Then after instructed them on the rules they drifted from the shore and started down streamed

Hey look at the cool fish Freddy said I bet I can reach over and grab it

Umm Freddy I don’t think that you should be---. And before Cookie could finish her sentence Freddy leaned over and fell into the cold water

Oh crap! Do you guys see him anywhere! Tommy cried out

No! And how do we stop this thing! Sammy yelled as the canoe started drifting farther away. Without thinking Cookie suddenly jumped into the water and started to swim back

Cookie! Come back where are you going! Daisy cried out

I’ll be okay I ‘m going to see if I can help Freddy don’t worry about me, I’ll meet you guys back at camp she yelled back

A few minutes later Cookie found Freddy a few feet away. She quickly swam towards him and pulled him back to shore, they rested for a few minutes before started their way back to camp

Do you think the others will be okay? Cookie asked him after a few minutes of silence

Yah I’m sure they will he shrugged

An hour later they arrived back at camp

Where have you two bean I ‘ve been worried sick I was just about to send a rescue team to go look for you guys Mr. Spooks cried out

Umm we had an accident I fell out of the canoe and Cookie here saved my life Freddy explained

Have the others come back yet? Cookie asked

Yes they just got back a few minutes ago and told me the whole story Mr. Spooks answered her

Now hurry up and get dried up we’ll be leaving in half an hour for our nature hike

Umm can’t we just skip the hike I’m wiped after what happened I don’t think none of us are in any mood to go on any hiking trip Cookie mumbled

Skip the hike don’t be silly it’ll do you good now I’ll see you all a bit later don’t be late! Mr. Spooks laughed

I can’t believe we’ve to go on this stupid hike after what happened Tommy mumbled

Hey Mr. Spooks is this going to be a long hike? Vicky asked. But he just pretended not to hear her and kept walking towards the woods. Then after a few more minutes she asked again Freddy was about to answer her when Mr. Spooks interrupted him

Okay kids it seems that we’ve a runaway one of you kids decided that it would be funny and broke our camp rules and now they must be punished for it

And what are we supposed to do when we find them I don’t remember any of us running away from camp Cookie frowned. Mr. Spooks reached inside his bag and took out a couple of hunting rifles and handed one to Cookie

And what are we supposed to do with this? You really don’t think that we’re going to shot anybody do you? She asked in a disbelief tone of voice

Well of course we can’t allow them just to break the rules without any punishments he answered her back

But we can’t just kill someone just because they ran away from some stupid camp!

Kill them? Oh you’ve it all wrong silly pup these guns are full of sleeping darts Mr. Spooks laughed here let me show you

He then pressed his rifle against Cookie’s chest and was about to press the trigger. When Daisy suddenly stepped in front of them and cried out

I can’t let you do that!

Sorry kid

And before Daisy could answer him back Mr. Spooks pulled the trigger Cookie shut her eyes and was about to scream but the sound of his laughter interrupted

Cong rations! Kids you all passed!

She opened her eyes and saw that the others were all staring at them smiling

Hey what’s going on here? What do you mean we all passed? Passed what? Tommy frowned

Okay the testing are over you all can come out now Mr. Spooks cried

Their mouths dropped open as they watched their parents and friends all come out from behind the trees

Now I know that I am really in the twilight zone Sammy cried out

Would someone please explain what’s going on already? Daisy cried out

Oh honey! I just knew that you’d pass Daisy’s mother smiled before giving her a big hug

Umm pass what? Daisy mumbled

Well kids you see this isn’t a real camp it’s a training camp Mr. Spooks began

What? Why didn’t any one ever tell us Sammy interrupted

Cause if any of your parents did r any of our staff that would be breaking the rules and this whole test would be a complete failure. And we would’ve then thought of another way of testing you kids Mr. Spooks started to explain

So you all were on it? Sammy asked

Yes I’m afraid so we wanted to make sure that you kids would be ready. When you and your parents soon go on the space shuttled and travel to a very scary planet

A scary planet? Daisy asked

Yes one called earth our research has shown so far is that this place is both an exciting and dangerous Freddy started to explain. And before he could finish Tommy cut him off

Dude its sounds like it but I’m sure it’ll never be as weird as the week we just spent at Camp freak mare!






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