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Boundless Love

Boundless Love

James and Torrie always cherished what they had, their love for one another. It ahd been their since they day they had first meet. They pondered always of how to change their live for the better, except to keep their bold love intact.

James had tried everything then he made the deal with his demon "friend".

We'll screw them over once they free us Torrie!" James proclaimed with an uncontrollable smile and enthuiasm.

"Oh! Really, " Torrie replied.

She suddenly to a mangnificent vapor. Clear as day you could see through her as though she were window that was exceptionally clear. All traces of torrie were gone. James realized what it was . It was the demon he had negotiated freedom with.

" How dare you try to cross me you must pay by taking this pill." the demon ordered with a quick, harsh chant.

The demon held it in his hand. uickly, for the reason of fear, James snatched the pill away from the demon. As he forced his stomach to accept the pill the demon could see that it did not have the desired effect.

Jame's body grew size and strength. He then decidedk, with out a moment's hesitation to destroy the demon.

He then got his hand and shoved it into his enemy's stomach. He clutched the demon's innards and then swiped out quickly and decisively. He then hurled them into his own stomach as abnormal grin came upon his bloodied face.

this mad the demon fall down and die. A complete change had occured. It was Torrie!

His heart sank into its now bottomless when he realized how he killed his only love. How could he do it? She was his one true love. He sunk into a deep depression and sorrow for himself. Then his eyes widened as he saw a large axe with long step slopes to his right side.

" Welcome to my hell," he said. With on quick splice his head and body lye in two. James was no more.
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