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FBI. Domestic Enemies

                                         Every agent has a story…

                It was a faithful night. A cold breeze was blowing that midnight. There were Red and Blue lights  flashing over the buildings of Times square. The Road was blocked. NYPD , SWAT and secret Service  officials were there to handle the situation. Two SWAT soldiers were bringing two men , from inside a bar. Their  hands were tied. These two soldiers of SWAT were taking them to the FBI van . All the law enforcement agencies had there guns pointing towards to these two men. The public was standing within there limits and was watching this.
           “Move, to the van” said one of the Soldier by pushing one the guy. Three more soldier accompanied them when they came nearer to the van. There were two FBI agents  standing near the van. The time seemed to slowed down for a while. The two men approached the van . One of the man Looked up.
 “I didn’t recognize you  John” said the man to one of  the agent.
“You are under arrest………..”

Early That morning:

   It was beautiful hotel. New York hotel , was shining  in the sun. A man came out  from the hotel. His phone was ringing . He  picked  up the phone . His voice was heavy
  “Yes boss” He said.
“Did you place the parcel?” a voice came from the phone
“yes boss” He said.
“Blow it” the call ended.
He picked up another mobile phone from his pocket. He did some tip tap on the mobile  and he vanished in the crowd.
                           Wheels were moving on the roads of Manhattan.  Special Agent John was driving  the car  fast to reach to his office. The clouds  were emerging on the town of  Manhattan. After a moment, Agent John stopped his car near a building. He got out from his car and crossed the road. As he was crossing the road, he saw a mother and her daughter crossing the road. As the mother and her  7 years old daughter came closer to agent John.  The 7 year old girl asked a question to her mother
  “Mom, why these people don’t smile?” asked the little girl by looking at Agent John and Agent John in reply was looking at the girl. Her  mother looked up at the agent. “Honey , don’t engrave yourself  in these kind of questions, lets go”  replied her mother and they were on the other side of the road where Agent john parked his car. Agent john stood there for a while thinking what the little girl said about her. People were passing by and he was standing just thinking about the question. “why these people don’t smile?”. This question was bumping in the head of Agent John.
         The answer was in the past or not….  John was a brilliant boy  in his childhood . He  belonged to a middle class family. John ambition was to become a police officer. His father was the Chief of Police. Last night ,when  John was in his  room with  his  friend ,mike . He noticed that his dad is talking about some master mind criminal to his mother. He moved closer to the stairs.
           “….. So he said that , he `d   gonna kill me”  His father was telling John's mother. 
“What?” said his mother. “ We should call some security “ said John`s mother.
“No, nothing will happen .”  john`s father said. John returned back to his room where mike was  preparing his homework.
Next morning,   John was  going to pick mike for the school with his father. His father stopped the car in front of Mike`s  house. John got out from the  car.
“Dad,  we can go from here” said John.
“Ok son, have a nice day, learn something.” John`s father said. He gave him a smile and went off.  After returning  from the school, mike intended to go to John`s house . when they both were near the corner of the street . They saw Three NYPD cars rushing in the street  to John`s house. John saw clouds of smoke in the sky coming from  his street. They ran to the street and moved closer to the incident.  John was  standing in front of his burnt house. The whole house was on the ground.  One fire brigadier  was  there to handle the fire.  Mike put his hand on John`s  shoulder.  John  was watching a dreadful scene. Two ambulances  showed up after a  minute. John didn’t tell any NYPD officer that it was his house. He was just standing there watching  the ashes of his house.   There were no tears in his eyes.
 After a moment, he noticed five black GMC cars heading towards the house. The five cars stopped orderly .  Three men from every car came out. An   middle aged man who was black suited came out of his car. He marched towards John and mike , who was watching them.  He looked at John.
 “We are very sorry for your father and mother, son” said the old man.
“Who are you?’’ asked John.
“Oh , I am sorry , I am the Assistant Director of  FBI, Your father and I were childhood friends” replied Chief. “ Well we will do everything to arrest the suspects but if you need any help in any case, here is my card”  He gave John his card. John received the card. The old man looked at the house and then went away to his car. The FBI agents who were standing, sat in the car, as they came out. The Five cars left the spot as they came in.  An NYPD officer came to John , he looked at mike.
 “Can you both come with me please?.” He said.

John stayed with mike for 5 years and after five years Mike parents were killed  in an incident too.  They were alone, desperate , and  serious.  One night John  and mike were eating dinner in a restaurant.  John was  busy in eating his pasta and mike was looking at john.
 “John” said mike.
“Yeah, mike” replied john
“What we will do now?” asked mike  “No college, no qualification  and soon we wont  have money  for food” . John stopped eating  his pasta.   John pulled out a card from his  coat.
“Here is the solution” replied John by giving the card to mike. Mike  looked at the card  and threw it away.
“What the hell john, no jokes. We cant go in FBI. Are you out of your mind?” said mike.  John stood up and picked the card up from the floor.
“ He was my dad`s childhood friend. Lets see what he can do for his best friend ,son” said John.

……….. Agent john was standing in the crowd .  Remembering his past. “John..John..John?”  a voice came from behind . John shake his head. He looked behind.
         “John, why are you standing here?” asked mike.
“Nothing, lets go “ replied John. They both were  giving a dashing look of an agent. They were wearing black suite. A ear piece microphone, and goggles . They both entered in the building. There was a great hall, with a seal of FBI logo. They moved to the elevator through crowd. They entered in the elevators and pressed 18th floor button. The elevator doors closed   and it began to move up. They both were standing quiet.  They became Special Agent after 18 years.  These 18 years were the most important years of their lives.  The elevator stopped at  18th floor. The steel doors opened and they both stepped out. There was  a long corridor , with offices.  They moved forward and at last they opened one room near the corner of the corridor. It was a  large office. There was sofa, a table , a rolling chair , some portraits on wall and a big and large window glass behind the table, through which they can see the whole Manhattan.  John moved forward and mike closed the door. John sat in his rolling chair and mike sat in the sofa.
“Today , we have to meet  the director, he Is in the 20th  floor.” Said mike. John was looking  outside through the large  and wide window.
“we never saw him, right? “ asked John. “ and the interesting thing is that we don’t even know his name”
“Oh , forget about the name and face, we agents have no time for remembering their faces and names, we just have to do our work” said mike . John stood up and faced  the large window. He was looking  a t the Manhattan.
“What if we…….”  Just then John heard a blast.  He looked behind to the  large window. He saw smoke emerging out from  around near Time square. Mike stood up and moved closer to the window.
“Control, copy” said Mike through ear piece microphone.
“ Where the bomb blast has occurred?, over” said mike.
“Sir, The bomb blast has occurred in The New York Hotel Pennsylvania, 34th street, over”
“I need FBI swat teams and bomb squad team at the 34th street over and out” Mike ran towards the door. John was still standing   near the large window.
“JOHN!” mike cried.  John looked behind  and walked towards Mike. They both took the elevator. They were fast, like wind, like real men. Mike and John went to underground parking , to take their car. 
 No one knows what can happen in the next moment, because our lives are define by the moments , especially the one we never see coming.  A bomb blast can ruin the whole day of public and this was the day.
They approached to 34th street , where the bomb blast occurred. Half of the building was collapsed to the ground. The NYPD and Bomb squad team was there before them.  NYPD was clearing the road. The public was on the other  side of  the road , watching the whole scene. Fire brigadiers and ambulances were also  there.  There were no other FBI agents there yet , except Mike and John.  John and mike was looking the building very closely , like they have never seen any building like this before.
“What the heck?” said John. “How did this happen?”
“I think we have to find out” replied mike.  He moved to NYPD officer standing next to him.
“Sir, do  you know how many people have died in this incident?” asked Mike.
“15 people are injured, sir . But only one man is dead in this incident.” Replied the officer. Mike was getting a strange feeling. Only one man was  dead and the whole building was collapsed. John was on the other side, asking more officers for information. Mike marched towards him.
“John?” mike called him. John looked at him.
“Yeah?” replied John.
“15 are injured and one man is dead” said Mike. John excused the officer , who was standing with him . He looked the building again.
“Are you sure mike that only one man is dead?” asked John by looking the building.
“I am sure” replied Mike . There was  a Burger shop near the Hotel. Its window mirror  were cracked, due to bomb  blast.  There was cctv camera, at the entrance door of the burger shop. The cctv camera was pointed towards the building. John pointed the cctv camera to mike. They moved forward through the crowd on the other side to the burger shop. The door was open from outside. John opened the door and they both entered in the shop. There was small hall with chairs and tables to eat burger. There was  a counter at the end of hall. They both moved there. There was no one inside. There was a room behind the counter. A man came from the room. He was surprised to see them.
“Yes?” said the man “How can  I help you?. The restaurant is closed right now.”
John pulled out his ID card.
“FBI , sir” said John by showing the card to the man.    “we need to check your CCTV camera video before the bomb blast” . The man looked at them at the moment. He led them to the private room behind the counter, where there was a 2 TV sets and one computer. The man sat down in front of the computer. John and Mike stood behind them . The man did some tip tap on the computer and video started playing on the TV. The video was showing the  scene of the NEW YORK HOTEL,  15 minutes before the bomb blast. John and mike was watching the video very carefully. There were people moving here and there , going to their work and some people entering or leaving the building.
“Forward it” said John. The man forward it with  less speed. John and mike was  looking for a point , where all this happened and they got it.
“Stop!” said John “Rewind it.” The man rewind it.  “Stop” said John again. He was looking a man who was standing in front of a building and was talking to someone on his mobile phone. John was getting a feeling about this guy. Then he noticed another suspicious thing. The man in the video , took another mobile from his pocket and after doing some tip tap on the mobile , he went away. After , 3 minutes the bomb exploded.
“Give me the copy of this video” said mike to the man.
“Did you noticed that guy?” asked John.
“Yeah, he is something” said mike.
“He is not something , mike, he is everything in this incident.” Said John. After a moment the man handed them the copy of the video.

It is a funny world out there. After doing the bomb blast, every terrorist try to save  his own life after taking so much innocent lives. John and Mike returned to the Headquarters of FBI. They rushed toward  the chief`s  office room. 
“…. So what are you waiting for?” said the chief after watching the video. “I want every information about this guy, his address , his phone number, his contacts and links.”
“Well , sir we are on it” said Mike. They returned to their office. They were just not getting to the point that only one man had been killed in this bomb blast.
“ So ?” asked John. “What are we going to do now?”
“I have given the copy of his photo to the authorities” said mike. “ They will find some information about him. Now we should go and meet our Director”
“Who cares about him?” said John. “Why we have to meet our director?”
“Well John , because the chief said so.” Replied  mike. “ we haven’t met him since, he came in this Headquarters” . John looked at him.
“Don’t worry John, just a short introduction and we are out” said mike. John stood up and opened the door of his office.
“Lets go” said John. They both left the office  and made their way to  20th  floor. There was a long corridor , with a line of office rooms on both sides. They made their way to the end of the corridor and then they turned right. There was a office room with a golden name plate, written on it was “MR  Mitchell Johnson”. They knocked the door.
“Come in” A  heavy voice came from the Director`s Office. John opened the door and they both entered in the big and wide room. There was a big table, two laptops on it and some papers. There was a large window, just like the John office room. Director was sitting behind the desk, his head was buried in some papers. There was one big sofa near the window and two chairs near the desk. John and mike moved closer to the desk. 
“Sir?” said mike. John was still looking the room. Mitchell lowered his papers.
“Well, what do we got?” asked  Mitchell. “There has been a bomb blast in New York hotel”
“Yes sir , we know that” said mike. John looked at the face of Mitchell. Mitchell stood up and moved closer to the large window , through where he can see two big bridges, Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn bridge. 
“Have you both found out the reason , that why only one man is dead?” asked Mitchell. Mike looked at John.
“Sir, we are still working on it” replied John. Mitchell turned around. He looked at john.
“ I want____” Mitchell was interrupted by his cell phone. His cell phone begun to rang.   He picked up his cell phone from his desk.
“Yes?”  said Mitchell. “Then do it.” He looked at John and mike.
“You both can go now” said Mitchell to them by putting a hand on the cell phone. John and mike came out from the office.
“Well, that was fucking embarrassing” said John. They entered in the elevator.
“Just ignore him, we have to concentrate in our work” said Mike.
“He is the director, Mike. We just cant ignore him.” Said John. The elevator was moving.
“John, don’t be ridiculous” said Mike.
“ By the way, he was strange” said John
“From what angle?” asked mike. John looked at him.
“The way he received his call” replied John. The elevator stopped.

Thirsty Morning:
                         John and mike were on their way to the incident spot. John was looking straight towards the road and Mike was driving the car.
“The man who died in the incident was the owner  of  the hotel.” Said John. Mike looked at him.
“You didn’t told me that before” said Mike.
“I didn’t get time to tell you” said John.
“How do you know?” asked Mike.
“The police officer told me” said John. “ He was the detective.” 
They were in the Broadway near ZUCCOTTI park.  
John mobile beeped. John picked up his mobile.
“Oh my God” said john. Mike didn’t looked at him.
“What? What happened?” asked mike. John looked at him.
“Bomb blast occurred in the Holland tunnel” said John. “It happened in the car”
“who was in it?’’ asked mike.
“That’s what we have to find out” replied John. 
“So now where are we going?” asked mike.
“To the tunnel” said john.

Meanwhile , in the Holland tunnel, The NYPD was  converging in.  They closed the tunnel.  Two fire trucks came in the tunnel. The car in which the blast occurred was totally cooked up.  The fire was coming from inside the car.  The blast occurred near the entrance of Holland tunnel. Some FBI agents were standing outside investigating other people. John and  Mike approached on the spot. They stopped there car near the entrance. John moved to the people whom were being investigated by FBI agents. Mike moved with John.
 John noticed something. He saw a man who was standing near the tunnel and was watching inside. He was the same guy, who was in the video. John didn’t made a move. He told Mike. He moved to other FBI agents.
“There is a guy, over there near the tunnel.” John said by pointing him to other FBI agents. “ I want you to surround him.” . One of the agent Nodded.
“On my move” said John and he moved to the right side of him. There were 3 agents beside John and mike. These three agents moved closer to him, while John and Mike moved from the right side. The man was still standing and was looking inside the tunnel. 
‘’ Get him” said John through his micro ear phone.   The three agents ran towards him and  John and Mike ran toward from the right side. The man noticed them, but he had no time to escape. These three FBI agents grabbed him and pushed him to the ground. NYPD officers also came on the spot. John and mike pulled out their guns. The man was laying on the ground, and nowhere to run.
“Hands on your back!” cried one of the FBI agent by pointing his gun towards him. Two agents  grabbed him.
“Take him to the van” said John.

It was a bad day , but also a good one. Because John and mike got their man.  Two bomb blast occurred in one day. The news channels were   showing the reports about the man who was arrested by FBI agents in Holland tunnel. The roads of Manhattan were deserted due to these two bomb blasts. The NYPD were patrolling the Manhattan main areas, but although Manhattan was looking beautiful in evening.
Meanwhile, John , mike and Chief was standing in front of the big glass window. It was the detention cell. Inside they could see the man sitting on the chair, with the table in front of him.
“Ok , buddies , extract the information” said the chief. By saying this he went away. John looked at mike.
“You stay here” said john to mike. John went inside the cell.  John was holding some files.  He threw the files on the table. He stood in front of him. The man was looking at him
“Look, you got ……” said the man but was interrupted by  John.
“Shut up” said John. “Just shut up.”
John picked one of the file and opened it,
“So your name is  John Mathew . uh?. It’s a nice name” said john. He threw the file back to the table. The man was terrified.
“What were you doing at the hotel this morning?” asked john to Mathew.
“I..i was just … I was jus there to see the hotel” replied Mathew.
“ to see the hotel uh?. Nice one” said john. “Do you know john that what are we going to do with you?”. Mathew looked in the glass mirror. He could only saw his face.
“Look , I don’t know what are you talking about. You  arrested a man who was just standing in front of a building” said  Mathew.
“Ah, not just a building. A hotel. And you were caught on the camera , using two mobiles at a time. And the bomb blast occurred after 5 minutes when you left.”
Mathew looked at him again.
“Does this make any sense.?” Said Mathew. John came closer to him
“Not to you buddy, not to anyone else, just us” replied John. “Who do you work for?”
“Here we go again” said Mathew. 
“I think you wont work this way” said John. “Let me take you to a trip. Where you feel so much comfortable. How about Electric Shocking room?”
Mathew  had no choice to tell the truth. John knew that he was  behind all of this.

“Come on” said john. John came closer to him.
“Wait.. wait.. I know “ said Mathew. John looked at him.
“Now that’s a good criminal” said John.
“I don’t know the man personally, but I know his name” said Mathew.
“Hmm, then tell me the name” asked John.
“uhh… Mitchell Johnson. That’s what he told me” replied Mathew. Mike came inside. John didn’t noticed.
“Mitchell Johnson” said John to himself.” Why you blasted the building and the car in the tunnel?” asked mike.
Mathew looked behind.
“I don’t know, ask Mitchell, I just organized his plan” replied Mathew.
“Check his cell phone mike, there could be a number of that guy” said John to mike. Mike nodded and left the cell. John turned to Mathew.
“ so MR Mathew. Do you want to tell more information to me?” asked John.
“Uhh, no ..no .. I just know his name. I haven’t saw him. He call`s me and I do his work” replied Mathew.
“hmm so you are his hired assassin” said John.
“Yes , you can say that” replied Mathew.
“Are you Christian Mathew?’’
Mathew looked at him. It was a typical question.
“Yes I am” replied Mathew. Mike came inside the cell.
‘John, you want to see this” said Mike.

   They rushed  towards the corridor . They entered in the second room at the end of the corridor.  Mike closed to the door
“What , what is it?” asked John. “Why  we are here?”
“Look , I found the number in his mobile. It sounds weird but when I traced it.. It is the director.” Said Mike.
John looked at him. He was feeling like  a stone had been hit to him.
“Are you Ok Mike?” said John “Are you crazy? How can a FBI director is involve in this  shit?” asked John.
“That’s what keep stopping me to tell you , but this is true. His name is Mitchell Johnson  and he is the FBI director” replied  John.
John moved to the chair near him and sat.
“Ok, so if he is really him then he is not so stupid that he is sitting in his room and unaware of the guy we arrested. And he is not so stupid that he is unaware of his number in Mathew mobile. If it is really him then why anything hasn’t happened?” asked john. Mike was still standing and he had no answer for this question.
“I don’t know john , I don’t know.  And he is not in his office” said Mike.  John stood up.
“What?” said John .
“yeah , I  have just confirmed before I came to you” replied Mike.
“then we have to tell the chief.” Said John.
“How can we arrest an FBI director?” asked Mike. John pulled out his goggles .
“Don’t worry,” said John. He moved to the door and opened the door. Chief was standing outside. John was surprised.
“Hey buddies” said Chief. Mike moved to him.
“Chief, we have to tell you something” said Mike.
“At the door?” asked Chief by giving a smile.
“No, sir please come inside” said John. Chief came inside. He looked around at the  office. It was not bigger than the Chief.  He sat on one of the chair.
John closed the door.
“I think you have listened everything, because you were standing outside.” Said John. Chief looked at him
“No , I was just passing by I thought to give you a visit. And I didn’t listened anything” replied Chief. Mike was standing at the corner of the office. Chief knew that something was fishy.
“John and Mike, what is it?” asked Chief. Mike
“Sir, the terrorist we have arrested, works for the FBI Director.” Said John. He didn’t hesitate by telling this. Chief  stood up. He was looking at their faces. The faces of FBI. Chief was thinking that if it was the truth or not.
“Guys, do you need rest?” asked the chief.
“Sir we are not joking, we are serious  about this.” Said Mike. Chief moved to Mike who was standing near the door.
“So what are you trying to say is that , the FBI director is a terrorist?  MR. Mitchell Johnson is a terrorist?”  asked chief. Mike had no choice but to answer.
“Yes, he is” replied mike. “we got proof”. Chief was unbalanced. But he really needed to see the proof.
“What is the proof?” asked Chief.
John moved closer to the chief.
“Sir, when I was investigating the terrorist Mathew. He told me that he work for a man name Mitchell Johnson. Then I told this information to Mike to check if Mathew got his cell number in his cell. Mike found Mitchell cell number and he traced it. The link was coming from the 20th floor from the director`s office. But mike confirmed that he was not in his office but his cell was.” John told the whole story to the chief. Chief  stood quiet for a moment. He moved to a chair and sat on it.
“How is this possible?” asked Chief. “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!?” 
John didn’t answered.
“Sir , do you know where Mitchell is?” asked Mike.
“No , I don’t know. I was in my office” replied Chief .
“Now what chief?” asked John. Chief had no idea that what they had to do.
“I..i.. just don’t know” replied chief. But God rang the bell. The door knocked. Mike moved to the door and opened it. There was  a man standing outside.
“Sir, I have found another man information. There was another suspicious number in his mobile. His name is Michael Johnson.” Said the man. Chief looked at the man.
“Mike , what he is talking about?” asked Chief.
“Sir, I gave him another number. I found that in Mathew`s mobile phone. He has traced it.” said Mike. 
“Yes sir and the link is coming from times square” said the man.
Chief stood up. He picked up his  cell phone and dialed a number.
“Hello, yes is Michael Johnson is present today in the building?”
After a moment
“Ok thank you” said the chief and cancelled the call.
Mike , John and the man was still standing and figuring out that what the chief was doing?
“where did you call?” asked John. “Do you know Michael Johnson?”
Chief moved to large glass window , through it he was seeing the beautiful Manhattan. It was night and it was dark.
“I called at the CIA Headquarters” replied the chief. Mike looked at John
“what do you mean?” asked John. Chief turned around.
“Michael Johnson is the Director of CIA” replied Chief. The man jaw was down. John was feeling like someone punched him and Mike was  looking at the face of Chief.
“He is the brother of Mitchell Johnson and if Mathew has the cell number of Mitchell then he surely has the number of Michael Johnson.” Said Chief.
“Jesus Christ” said John. “We really cant do anything, we cant arrest them. He is the FBI director and Michael is CIA director. and what the heck is CIA director doing in Newyork?”
Chief smiled at him.
“We can do anything buddy. These agencies run with the agents , not with the directors.” Said Chief. “As the man said , the link is coming from Times Square, so they both can be in times square , planning something more powerful”
Chief looked at the man.
“You can go now, thank you for your information” said Chief to the man who was still standing at the door and listening all the conversation. He left the space and went away without saying anything. Mike closed the door.
“We should go and arrest them but on what basis?” asked Mike.
“There are no basis buddy. Just go , find them and arrest them. I am coming with you”  replied Chief.
“How we will recognize Michael?” asked John
“I will be with you. I know him” replied Chief. “John I want FBI swat in times square searching for them before we reach there.”
“You got it sir” replied John. He picked up his cell from the table and moved  to a side.
“Mike I need you to alert other Law enforcement agencies  but don’t tell them that the suspects are the Directors of the agencies.” Said Chief.
“Right away sir” said Mike. Chief moved to the door and opened it. 

Times square was unaware of the event that was going to take place. People were  enjoying the moments of their life , on the other side five FBI swat trucks were moving in. They blocked the main road from both sides. People in times square had no idea that what was happening. They stopped where they were walking.  Some FBI swat teams were on the road and some were getting inside the buildings to evacuate them.
NYPD arrived at the  spot. The place was filled with the voices like:
 “MOVE. MOVE !!!.
Meanwhile, John , Mike and Chief  was on their way to  times square.
“I hope they will going to find them before us” said Mike who was sitting behind.
“Oh no buddy, they wont find them. We have to find them ourselves. I just call them for the security. I don’t want another bomb blast.” Said Chief .
“Speaking of Bomb blasts, why they did bomb blasts in hotel and in the tunnel?” asked John. He was driving the car.
“I don’t know John. There can be lots of reasons for doing that” replied  Chief.  “Like,  taking some kind of revenge”
“Yeah , that can be the reason” said John. John took a sharp turn.
“What if he has some link with Taliban Organization or Al-Qaeda.?” Asked John. Chief didn’t looked at him.
“Well, there can be a possible link. Last year our FBI director went to Afghanistan for some work.” Said Chief. “That work could mean anything.”  John  overtook a  black Mercedes.  John was noticing  some cars  were following them. He  gave a signal to Mike. Mike understood and drew his gun out  . Chief looked at them.
“What..what is going on?” asked Chief. John took some speed.
“We are being followed” replied John. Chief saw two black Mercedes  cars behind them trying to overtake them. He also drew his gun out. He opened the door window and fired at the cars by facing behind. Mike also fired too. But no reaction.
“They are not firing at us” said Chief.  John took some more speed. They were rushing on the roads of Manhattan. The cars were not leaving them. 
“Fire back again” said John. They both fired back again but again they didn’t fired back. After a moment, Chief saw a man  in one of the black Mercedes car, trying to make a shot with his micro SMG. Chief took his time and then  pointed the gun towards the man and fired. He was down in no time. It was a  head shot.
“Holy shit” said Mike. “Damn chief, you are a great shooter”
Yeah, ..yeah I am” replied Chief by giving a smile to Mike. John was not letting them to take over his car. But then something happened.  One of the black Mercedes car over took them. John stopped the car instantly.  One black Mercedes car was behind their GMC car and one was ahead of it, blocking the way. The people around stopped and were watching  the  un-expectable.  There was a quiet  moment. No one got out from the car. No one fired each other.  Chief got out of the car  and he started  firing at the black Mercedes , which was behind them. John and Mike got out and they started firing at the car , which was ahead of them.  These cars were bulletproof. All the firing was in vain.  Chief stopped firing after a moment. John and Mike stopped too. They both moved ahead. Chief moved to the car behind them. The men inside the cars were not getting out.  People around them were thinking that they were dead.  Just then. Two men in black suites got out from one of the car, which was ahead of them.  They drew their guns and began to fire. John took the headshot. The first man was down. Mike and John  took cover behind a parked car. The second man was still firing at the car.  The people began to run.  Chief was covered behind his GMC car and was focusing on the car which was behind them. John and mike were taking cover behind another car.
The firing was not stopping. Only one man was firing at their GMC car. 
“John. I think its time to call the backup” said Mike.
“Where the heck is NYPD?” asked John.
“John, John, we cant wait for the NYPD. We have to take the shot or we have to call the backup.” Said Mike. John  had to make the choice. He picked the first choice. The man who was firing, was concentrating on GMC. John had a great chance to shot this guy. He reload his gun. He stood up. The man saw him for a moment. Just then john took the chance and shot this guy in the chest. Then Mike moved to the Chief. They then moved to the second car and surrounded it. Chief from the right , mike from the left.
“Get out of the car ,with your hands up” said the Chief. No one   replied.  Mike moved ahead and opened the door.  A man was sitting on the front seat ,with the bullet inside his head. Another man on the back seat was also dead.
“Its clear Chief” response Mike. “They are dead” Chief lowered his gun. John came behind the scene.
“Who were these guys?” asked John. NYPD Sirens were coming closer and closer.
“They knew” said Chief. “The so called Directors knew.”
“They sent these Hit men?” asked John.
“Of course” replied Chief. NYPD Three cars arrived at the spot. NYPD officers came out from their car and  ordered the three men to raise their hands in the air. NYPD officials didn’t knew that they were messing with the FBI.
“FBI,” said Chief by showing his card. NYPD officers lowered their guns. 
“What do we do know?” asked John. Chief moved to his car and opened the door.
“Now , we go to the Times square” said Chief.
“Chief, they must be aware of our plans. They are the directors of two biggest agencies in the world.” Said Mike. Chief looked around. He saw two ambulances advancing towards the spot. Men came out from the ambulance and began to advance toward the bodies. One of the NYPD detective came over to the chief.
“Sir?” said detective. Chief looked at the detective.
“Yes ?” replied the Chief.
“We found these ID card from the bodies. They all are FBI agents.” Said the detective. Chief was shocked. John jaw fell opened. Mike was standing still.
 The detective showed them the cards.  Chief looked at the cards.
“Oh my God” said the chief. “The FBI is against us?”
“But chief, FBI agents don’t use Mercedes cars.” Said Mike.
“Maybe, the  directors are using their agencies  against us, because we are the one who knows their  identity” said Chief.
“We have to be careful, maybe next time he could send CIA agents to kill us” said John. The detective was listening their conversation.
“What the hell is going on here? Can someone tell me please?” asked the detective. Chief looked at him.
“You cant handle the truth Buddy” said chief.
“If I can handle the Law, then sure I can handle the truth” replied the detective.
“You have no authority to handle the law  buddy” said John. The detective looked at John.
“well, I was just asking.  I think you don’t need the help” by saying this detective turned around. 
“FBI agents chief” exclaimed John.
“Where?” asked chief.
“On your back” replied John. Chief turned around.  There were three agents , who were advancing towards them through the crowd. 
“Sir?” said one of the agent.
“Yes?” asked chief.
“You three has been suspended” said the agent by showing them some kind of form. There was the signature of the director of FBI. Chief was thinking like he is dreaming. John just pumped up and mike had no choice to remain silent.
“We cant be suspended , we just sent a team to times square___” chief was interrupted by the agent.
“Sir,  our new chief called the team back from time square. You are suspended”  said the agent.
“On what basis? And who is this new chief?” asked John.
“You have killed these three FBI agents and you have wasted the time of the team in times  square" said the agent.
“Listen to me son, these are not FBI agents, they were chasing us and they were trying to kill us” said Chief.
“Sir , I am not here to discuss the crime scene. I am following orders.” Said  the agent. “Now you listen to me sir, we can charge you for killing these FBI agents but we are not doing that. Media will be here any minute and every citizen will going to know that they were FBI agents. So we are covering this up to save you asses and you don’t tell me that why they were chasing you” said the agent. The detective who had the ID cards were behind them. The agent pointed to the detective.
 “You, give me the ID cards” said the agent. The detective without asking gave them the ID cards.
“Thanks for your time sir, You can go home and rest because no one is going to believe you” said the agent full and final and went away with other agents.
“Did you see that?” asked John. “They are also involved with directors.”
Chief was standing still.
“That’s great, now we are fired and we cant do anything” said Mike.
“John, what did you do with that suspect you arrested?” asked Chief.
“uh.. He is in the custody of NYPD” said John. Chief Smiled.
Chief turned around and looked for the detective and there he was.
“Hey detective,” called out the Chief. Detective looked behind.
“Yes sir?” asked the detective
“Can you handle the truth?” asked the Chief. Detective looked at John and Mike.
“Well, of course” replied the detective.
Meanwhile, the three agents were on their way to FBI headquarters. One of the agent dialed a number on his cell.
“Sir, your job has been done.” Said the agent.
“That’s my boy, now can you do me  a favor?” a heavy voice of Mitchell Johnson came over through the phone.
“Anything sir” replied the agent.
“Go to the NYPD office, release Mathew from their custody and kill him”  call was ended. 
“To the NYPD” said the agent.
On the other side, John, Mike , Chief and the detective was in the car heading towards NYPD headquarters.
“…..So that’s the problem detective” said the Chief.  John was driving the car.
“Hm..So u want me to release the suspect.?” Said the detective.
“That’s what we need” said John.
“And do us a favor detective, inform your NYPD officers not to release the suspect to anyone except us” said the chief.
“What do you mean?” asked the detective.
“we mean that the directors can send someone to release the suspect and they can kill him because he is the only man who can give us proof” said the Chief.
“Then give me a minute. I should alert the Chief.” Said the detective.
John took a sharp turn.
“Are we their yet?” asked Mike.
“Nope.” Said John.
“Its getting dark” said the chief by looking out side the window.
“Your work is done, he is not going anywhere without my permission” said the detective.
“Great ,  John drive  fast” said the chief. John nodded.
“Hey chief one question” said Mike.
“yeah I am listening” said the chief.
“What exactly are we going to do after taking the suspect?” asked Mike.
“I will inform you later” answered the Chief. “Right now we are fighting against the two most powerful agencies of United states and the world. If they get in wrong hands , then we wont be able to see the world.”

After 5 minutes , Chief and the detective  were inside the NYPD headquarters , bringing the suspect. John and Mike were standing outside with the car. 
“What do you think?” asked Mike.
“Of what?” replied John.
‘Well, what is he use to us?” asked Mike.
“I don’t know, what we are going to find out” replied John. “But lets hope, it will be good”
 After a moment , Chief and the detective came out with the suspect.
“Here they come” said Mike.  Mike opened the door of the car.
Mathew looked at John. John gave a sharp glimpse at Mathew. Mathew sat in the car and after that  Chief and detective occupied the space. John and Mike sat In front seats and closed the doors.
“Now can somebody please tell me why I am in your custody?” asked Mathew. John looked behind
“Just shut up and listen” said John. John started the engine.
“Do you know the names of the men who hired you to do their work?” asked Chief. 
“Yes I just know their names” said Mathew.
“Chief , they are the directors of two biggest agencies and how can they tell their real names to a man who can never be trusted?” pointed out Mike.  John took a sharp turn.
“Then what will you say about their phone numbers?” asked  Chief. Mathew was sitting quiet and was confused.  Mike tried to answer but gave up.
“So where was I Mathew?” Chief turned to Mathew.
“uh… Can you tell me what is this all about?” asked Mathew.
“Mathew, my son, Its about this country” replied Mathew. Mathew smiled.
“It was never for this country” said Mathew.
“Now I understand, you are emotional, and  we know that FBI agencies has done mistakes , but right now  our all hope rest`s on you” said Chief.
John took another turn and then stopped the car.
“Chief , first you tell me where we are going?” asked  John.
“Wait here”  replied Chief and turned to Mathew. He was waiting for Mathew to say something.
“I don’t understand , that all your hope rests on me. I am a hired Assassin and how can I be your hope?” asked  Mathew.
“Sometimes a man should take any means necessary    to save what he has lost” answered Chief.  “You are ours proof that those men have done the  explosions in Manhattan” 
John and Mike looked Behind . Mathew looked at chief.  Detective  was sitting quiet.
“Are you giving me any choice?” asked Mathew
“No,  co operate with us and you are free” said Chief.
“But to whom he will give proof that those directors have done those explosions.?” Asked the detective first time.
“Well, don’t worry guys,   Chief of NSA is my friend. This agency cant be sold out like CIA and FBI. So we can put our trust on this agency.” Said Chief.
“You mean that we are going to NSA for this?” asked Mike.
“Yes, of course. There is no other way” said chief. 
“So what will this NSA do?” asked Detective
“well, they are going to arrest those assholes” replied Chief.
“wait..wait.. Are you guys telling me that the directors of FBI and CIA are behind this?” asked Mathew
“That was our point and now you got that” said chief
“Holy shit” said Mathew.
“How can NSA arrest them? I mean …” asked Mike.
“…Look , once the proof is in their hands. They can also take the help from Military. They can give notice to these agencies  and they can easily arrest them”  replied  Chief. John started the car.
“I didn’t understand chief, but tell me anyway ,where to go?” asked John .
“To the Air port buddy , we are going to Fort George G. Meade” answered chief.
“It’s  an US army Installation. NSA headquarters right?” asked the detective.
“You got that right detective” said Chief.
“What?” said John. “Why are we going there?”
“John, just drive to the air port and trust me” said Chief. “I have talked to the Chief Of NSA, he is my friend. He has arranged a helicopter for us”
“I don’t think  your idea is going to work”  said john and started the engine…

Fort George .G Meade:

                   It was dark and the black building of NSA was shining in the moonlight. They were inside the office of the chief of  NSA Headquarters. The chief of NSA was standing in front of the large glass  window. John , Chief , Mike, detective , and the suspect was covering the whole office. Someone was sitting,  someone was standing.
“So this is your story Larry?” asked the chief of NSA to chief. John and mike never came to know his real name.
“Yup, now I want your agency and the Government to arrest them. You have already heard from Mathew.” Answered Larry.
“You really think that we are going to arrest them just like that?” asked the chief .
“No Daryl, but we can try. I know its not easy but its not impossible.” Answered Larry. “They are good but not God.”
“The incidents are just like the old times” said Daryl
John  looked at  Daryl.
“What do you mean old times?” asked John.
“Last week, the bad guys did some robbery in the bank. They stole 10 billion dollars. They have never been found.” Said Daryl. “They are still on the run”.
“O k Daryl leave that topic and get to the real job” said Larry.
“There is only one thing we can do” said Daryl. “Inform MR president.”
“Ok then lets do it.” Said Larry. “Lets inform the whole white house”
John mobile rang. John stood up.
“Excuse me” said John went outside. Mike did the same.
“we can only do this by sealing these agencies for one day and we can easily arrest these two guys because they cant do anything in this condition. We have to snatch away the agencies from them. “ said larry.
“There is another easy way too.” Said detective. Daryl and Larry turned to detective. “We can  take away their jobs by firing them under orders of MR president and then we can arrest them.” Said detective.  Larry and Daryl smiled.
“That’s my detective” said Larry by giving a smile to Daryl.
“you boys go back to, New York” said Daryl. “You sure will here good news.”
“And Daryl” said Larry. “we want our Jobs back”
“Oh, don’t worry about that”  replied Daryl. John and Mike came in.
“Lets go buddies, we are going back” said Chief. 
“That’s it?” asked Mike. Chief smiled.
“No, That’s the beginning” said chief.

             It was midnight. They were back in Manhattan. Same car, same characters, and same roads.
“So chief, what now?” Home?” asked John, while he was driving.
“Home?” replied chief. “No way buddies, we have to finish this” Mark looked at the chief.
“What do you mean “Finish it?” asked Mark “Its midnight, and we can do this tomorrow”
“The sun is coming up buddies, we have no time. They can plan anything tomorrow” said Chief.
“How about drinks?” Mathew Suggested. Everybody looked at him.
“It’s a good idea to kill time” said detective by smiling.

Meanwhile, the two directors  were sitting in the  bar in times square.  There were undercover CIA and FBI agents around them for their protection. 
“Its midnight, and we have to do it now?” asked Mitchell by taking a glass of drink.
“We just have to go with the plans” said Michael. He ordered another drink.

On the other side, the chief and other guys were  sitting in  a  fast food restaurant.  They were having a laugh at some talk with Mathew. Mike and John were not laughing, they were just concentrating on their food.
“….So Mathew, you know criminals are sometimes funny” said Chief. Detective gave a smile.
“Well, they are always funny” said Mathew “Only our actions are serious and I am not a criminal”
Chief  and detective laughed again. 
“Well, that was some sandwich”  said detective. “but where are the drinks?”
“ill get it” said Chief. He stood up and went to the counter. Mathew turned to detective.
“Can these people here imagine, that we are on a very dangerous mission?” asked Mathew.
“Mathew don’t make me laugh.” Said detective
“No, seriously  just asking” said Mathew.
“Well buddy. The less they know , the rest we know” said John. Chief came with 4 drinks .
“Here you go buddies” said Chief. Just then chief`s mobile phone rang. He went near to the counter and received the call. After a minute, Chief came with a smile.
“what happened?” asked John.
“The Great president have fired them, Now they have nowhere to go. The NSA has tracked them. They are in times square. Every Law enforcement agency is sending there teams to times square. We have to move fast.” Said chief. Everyone stood up.
“Well it was a good adventure” said detective.
“And we are back on our jobs” said Chief to john and Mike.
“Well that’s  great” said Mike.

They reached times square but no one was there only public. Chief got out of the car.
“What the heck” said the chief.  Everyone got off the car.
“Chief, you said they are gonna be here” said Mike.
“yeah, why are not they?” asked Chief.
“Maybe they are on their way” said John. “If they sees us here. They can escape. We have to wait in the car.” Said  john.
“No..look at that bar.” Chief pointed out the bar in centre . “I was once here with our director. He loves that place. I don’t know why but I have to go inside and check.”
“Chief are you mad?” asked Mike. “you cant go in there”
“Shut up Mike.” Said Chief  “Detective you are with me”
Without saying anything, detective loaded his gun.
“I am ready sir” said detective.
“We are also going in . You cant do this alone” said John.
“You guys wait here and watch our back” said Chief .
Chief and detective crossed the road and went inside  the bar. John , Mike and Mathew were standing there.
“Now what?” asked Mathew.
“Now we wait” said Mike. After a moment they heard sirens. SWAT trucks and NYPD were  coming inside the times square. They blocked the exits from both sides. One NYPD officer, approached john and mike.
“Sir?” said the officer. Before he could say more. Mike interrupted him.
“We are special agents” said Mike. “I am mike and he is Agent john.”
Mathew was standing on the other side of car.
“Our FBI chief and one your NYPD detective has moved inside that building” said John. He pointed out the bar to the officer.  Officer warned other NYPD officers to make a perimeter around the building. They surrounded the building.  SWAT teams had their orders. They  moved inside the bar.  A black SUV  was coming nearer to the times square. AS the entry was blocked from both sides. So they showed some ID and moved their SUV inside. They stopped their SUV nearer to that of John and Mike.  Their were three men in black suits. They got off the car  and approached John and mike as they knew they were the FBI agents.
“We are from Secret Service” said one the man. John turned to him.
“The team has just moved inside” said John. “Lets hope they don’t escape”
“Well they wont sir” said the man.” Here are the orders” he pulled some paper out of his jacket . “They are signed by MR president”
John took the paper in his  hand and read.
“Well, if they got arrested, then let me do the honor” said John.  They heard shots from inside the building. 
“WE ARE MOVING IN!” said one the NYPD officer . Seven officer moved inside the bar. Secret service agents and two FBI agents were watching the showdown.  The whole times square were under the sirens.
                It was a faithful night. A cold breeze was blowing that midnight. There were Red and Blue lights  flashing over the buildings of Times square. The Roads were  blocked. NYPD , SWAT and Secret service  officials were their to handle the situation. Two SWAT soldiers were bringing two men , from inside a bar. Their  hands were tied. These two soldiers of SWAT were taking them to the FBI van . All the law enforcement agencies had there guns pointing towards to these two men. The public was standing within there limits and was watching this.
           “Move, to the van” said one of the Soldier by pushing one the guy. Three more soldier accompanied them when they came nearer to the van. There were two FBI agents were standing near the van. The time seemed to slowed down for a while. The two men approached the van . One of the man Looked up.
 “I didn’t recognize you  John” said the man to one of  the agent.
“You are under arrest” said John  he showed them the paper. They were fired from their government posts. From behind detective and Chief approached.
“And do you know the best part?” said Chief. Mitchell looked around. “We`ve  got our jobs back”. Secret service agents tried to enter in this little conversation
“They are  moving with us” said one of them. “and I promise you wont see them in US again.”  Chief laughed. Just then Media approached their. They started taking interviews with NYPD officers and SWAT commander. Detective was on his own from now on. Chief released Mathew. And what was left Chief of NYPD approached detective.
“You did an excellent job” said chief . “you helped us to arrest these two chunky FBI agents” . Detective turned to him.
“Excuse me?” said Detective. “They are not FBI agents, they are the directors of FBI and CIA”. By listening this Chief of NYPD laughed.
“Oh My God” said Chief by laughing. “Detective you are nice on jokes”. Detective had no idea what the chief was talking about.
“You need rest my boy” said Chief. “Take a leave from office today.” By saying this he went away. Detective stood there in the mist of the sirens in times square.  The Media crew who was reporting the news were also indicating that two FBI agents have been arrested. But they were after the directors. It was getting morning.

 These three great men were sitting in the car  again. John was driving as usual. Chief was sitting behind. Mike opened his laptop. Coincidently he visited CNN website and there was the headline.
“Two FBI agents arrested”
Mike got shocked.
“John stop the car.” Said Mike.
“why what ….”
“JUST STOP THE CAR!” said Mike. He never spoke with John like that.
“what happened buddy?” asked Chief.
“Look at the headline” said Mike. Chief looked at the headline. John too.
“Now you guys fucking tell me what is going on here” said Mike. Chief straighten up himself.
“Chief, I think its time.” Said  John. Chief turned to Mike.
“Buddy don’t get shocked but this is how it works” begin Chief. “I am the  CIA director and John is FBI director” . Mike , who was an honest agent, couldn’t believe what chief was saying.
“What,…when…they..”  mike tried to say something but he failed.
“Look Mike. This is very simple. The system broke down. John and I were the guys who stole 10 billion dollars from the bank” said Chief. “No one could doubt on us. But  somehow the guys we hired for the work ,came to know  our identity. We hired Mathew, a simple guy who killed them. Then to over cover this. We arranged two volunteers. The guys we arrested were not FBI agents nor they were the directors. They were simple guys. They were going with the plans. But you Mike. You reached so far that I had to called my friend Daryl  to help us. He knew it already and was ready to help. With the help of NSA he entered their names in government posts as FBI agents.  So no one could doubt, that they were just ordinary guys. But in front of you and detective I told him that  the directors are behind this blast.” Chief took a deep breadth. Mike couldn’t stop looking at him.
“But why did you told them that they are the directors? Why not simple FBI agents?” asked Mike.
“It was easy for us” replied John. Mike turned to John.
“And you” said Mike. “You did not told me that you are the FBI director”
“Sorry Mike. But I thought it would be better” said John.
“Better?” said Mike. “I thought we  were brothers to each other”
“We are Mike” said John. “But that’s how the world revolve.” Mike controlled himself. His ears were not believing that what he had heard.
“Why did you guys stole 10 billion dollars?” asked Mike.
“Besides running this world, we have to run ourselves too, buddy and do you know the best part? You are the  Assistant director of FBI. Like I used to be” said Chief.
“You should be happy Mike” said John. He started the engine.
“How can I  be happy when you guys lied to me.?” Asked Mike.  John pushed accelerator peddle.
“That’s why we don’t smile” answered John. And drove away in the mist of Manhattan.



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