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THE BULLY CASE The gang at the We Always Catch Our Crooks Club were hanging out inside the Rocky Shores grade school playground waiting for the morning bell to ring I can’t believe that its been three weeks since our last case Tommy the tiger cub sighed as he climbed down the monkey bars Maybe all the bad guys in this town decided to go on strike or something Sammy the turtle shrugged Sammy crooks don’t go on strike Tommy frowned. Daisy the penguin was about to tell him something when two little kittens walked up to them Hi we’re looking for the we always catch our crooks club That’s us! Cookie smiled how can we help you? My name is Lucky and this is my friend Sally we heard from some of the kids in school that you guys are the best detectives in all of Rocky Shores Right again! Its been known that the cops will ask for our help when they’re stuck on a case Tommy proudly bragged They do? Wow! That’s pretty cool Lucky answered Sure we help them all the time so what can we do for you guys? Tommy asked Someone is stealing our lunch deserts from our lunch bags we’ve asked Ms. Cake if we could keep our lunch bags inside our desks. But she said no cause it would stink up her class room. You guys are our only hope besides going to the principal office but nobody’s brave enough to do that without any proof. So what do say will help us? Lucky explained. And after giving it some thought they all agreed to help to take the case The next day the gang started working on their lunch caper case We know who it is! Both Daisy the penguin and Vicky the dragonfly cried as they joined the rest of the gang at the local room after school Who? Cookie asked It was the Weasel brothers for two lunch periods we spotted them hanging out by Ms. Cake’s classroom. And they looked mighty suspicious if you ask me so it has to be them Daisy explained Great but we’re going to need some hard evidence maybe we can set a trap or something to see if they’re really our guys Sammy added Like what? Vicky asked I think I know how! Cookie cried let’s go back to my house Make sure you throw in a lot of hot peppers and muster Cookie told Vicky who was pouring a box of cookie mix into a big mixing bowl I can’t wait to see their faces when they take a bite of our special home made cookies! She added laughing Yah its going to be great I’ve to give it to you Cookie this is the best idea you’ve come up with! Tommy laughed. A couple minutes later Cookie took the cookies out of the oven and place them on top of her kitchen counter Okay whose going to test one? She asked. Nobody volunteered the gang had been very careful not to put anything into the cookie mix that would really hurt anyone. But they didn’t put anything in them that would make them taste any good Well some one should taste them Nah we’ll just leave it and have them do it for us Tommy answered Yah you’re right They all agreed then went into Cookie’s bedroom to play some video games A couple minutes later they heard someone screaming they ran inside the kitchen and found Cookie’s mom standing by the kitchen sink gulping handful of water. Tears were running down her face. There was no doubt that she had tasted the cookies Who made these cookies she muttered We did mom how did you like them? Cookie proudly asked I’m sorry sweetie but those gotta be the worst cookies that I’ve ever tasted Aww thanks mom that’s the nicest thing you could’ve ever said The next day during lunch the gang hid behind some bushes and waited. A few minutes later they say the Weasel brothers running towards the boys bathroom. When they came out Tommy jumped out of the bushes and yelled Stop right there! We’re placing you under arrest! We who! Beat it kid Andy smirked then grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him to the floor Hey! You can’t do that to him! Cookie growled we know that you and your dumb brother have been stealing and we’re going to turn you in to the principal Listen kid nobody messes with us and if we want to rip off a bunch of lunch boxes then that’s what we’re going to do. And nobody’s going to stop us got it! And before any of them could answer they ran off laughing Well that went great what do we do now Sammy asked as he helped Tommy back to his feet Hey I’ve another idea didn’t Sally say that they had a class trip coming up? Cookie asked Yah I think so why? So let’s tell every one to put their trip money inside their lunch boxes. Every one looked at her as if she was crazy Are you kidding why would they do something stupid like that Daisy frowned Because if they stole their money they we’ll have the proof that we need she answered That sounds like a good plan Cooks but you’re forgetting bout one thing how are we going to stop them long enough to check if they got the money are not? Vicky asked I figured that out too let’s find Lucky and Sally then I’ll tell you all about it. We’re going to need their help if we’re going to pull this off Two days later Are you sure that Lucky told every one to mark their money before they put in their lunch boxes? Cookie asked Daisy Yah I saw them before class they’re all ready to go Okay good now all we’ve to do it wait they didn’t have to wait for long a few minutes later they bump into the Weasel brothers who were just coming out of the bummer tunnels inside the school’s play ground Well if it ain’t the baby cops and who are you going to arrest today sheriff droopy pants! Andy joked as he slapped the cap off Sammy’s head You! Vicky cried Us? Don’t make me laugh don’t you losers remember what happened the last time you try to do that Andy smirked You’re the loser Andy this time is different we’ve got proof! Tommy yelled in his face That’s what you think Andy’s brother Eddie growled then went to grab for his shirt Cookie took out her whistle and blew the secret signal suddenly the play ground was filled with kids. The confused brothers slowly started to back away from the angry looking crowd but Daisy pushed them back into place And where do you think you’re going? Hey! Who do you think you’re pushing Eddie cried. He went to push her back but she quickly moved out his way causing him to trip over his foot and land on his face Two seconds later they were buried with the angry mob Cookie blew her whistle again one of the kids asked her Why shouldn’t we cream them they’ve been ripping us off for weeks? Because if we did then we’ll be just like them besides we’ve the proof we need. Let’s take them to the principal office I’m sure after she gets done with them they’ll wish that they were just creamed by you guys she laughed Moments later as they all walked into the principal office her secretary looked a little confused Excuse me where do you kids think we’re going? To see the principal and let her know that the we always catch our crooks club just caught the lunch box crooks Cookie proudly explained The who? Did what? Listen kids whatever you’re up will have to wait principal Flows is in a very important meeting and-- hey I said that you can’t go in there! But it was to late Tommy busted through the principal’s office door and they all walked into her office all of them talking at the same time What’s the meaning of this! I hope that you kids can explain why you just busted into my office like this? Principal Flowers cried out Cookie poked her paw into Andy’s ribs and barked Tell her Andy broke down and confused when he finished principal Flowers walked over to her desk and picked up her phone Are you calling our parents? Eddie mumbled That’s right young man you and your brother are in some serious trouble! Cookie asked that before she called their parents if she could see in private for a moment Yes Cookie what is it? Umm I was thinking if you called them it wouldn’t exactly teach them anything Cookie told her But they’ve to punished somehow Cookie I can’t have kids stealing from my school and thinking they can get away with it principal Flowers frowned I agree maybe you can have them pay the kids back Cookie answered Pay them back how? Maybe they can clean up every lunch room in the school and pay each kid a dollar a day for a month. That way they’ll get the idea that crime doesn’t pay Cookie suggested That’s a great idea Cookie thank you Okay kids you all may go except for the two of you principal Flowers pointed at Andy and Eddie But principal Flowers what’s going to happen to them they are not going to get away with it are they one of the kids asked No they’re not starting tomorrow Andy and Eddie will be my new cleaning crew. And they’ll also play each of you kids one dollar before lunch for one month. But I still have to call your parents and let them know what’s going on and boys if you ever get in trouble I’ll throw you out understand? Principal Flowers stated Don’t worry we keep an eye on them Tommy smiled Once they were back outside Cookie walked up to the Weasel brothers and said You two losers better stay out of trouble from now on if you dare to cross the line just once. And I’ll make sure you wish that I didn’t help you get out of this mess got it? Both Andy and Eddie nodded then promised not to make any more trouble. They were sorry enough already and they sure didn’t want any more trouble dealing with the gang of the we always catch our crooks club Copyrights © cookie torre 2006

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