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Grandma's House


Cookie couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive ever since her

mommy told her. That they were going to spend the weekend

at her grandmother’s house and that she could bring a friend

with her. She has been really looking forward to it she was in

her room packing some her toys that she wanted to take with

her. When her mother walked into her room

Hey sweetie what are you doing? Her mother asked

Just packing some of my toys that I want to take to


That’s what I wanted to talk to you about I’m afraid I’ve

some bad news

Aw ma don’t tell me that we’re not going Cookie whined

Oh no it’s anything like that but I just got off the phone with

Mrs. Penguin. I’m sorry Cookie but I’m afraid that Daisy

won’t be coming with us this weekend her mother answered

What why not? Cookie cried out

Daisy badly twisted her ankle this afternoon while riding her

bike. The doctor told her that she’d have to stay in bed for

at least a couple days for it to get better

Oh great how dumb can you be to do something like that?

Cookie frowned

Now Cookie be nice why don’t you just invite one of your

other friends to come with us? Her mother asked

Caused they already have other plans beside I wouldn’t have

the same amount of fun if I took someone else. Cookie’s mom

stared at her for a second before she started laughing

I’m sure you’ll have a good time with whoever you go with

Oh yah right

I know why don’t I see if your cousin Tina would like to come

with us. We haven’t seen her in while I’m sure you guys will

have a great time together

Yah sure I can hardly wait Cookie mumbled

And after her mother left to call Tina’s mother Cookie threw

herself on her bed

Sure we’ll have a terrific time I rather spend the whole

weekend at school then to spend it with Tina! She’s not even

my real cousin! Just because her mother and Tina’s grew up

together and they share the same birthday. Their mother’s

thought it’d be so cute to tell everyone that they were


Sometimes I really think that my mom needs to get a life

Cookie sighed. And it wasn’t as if Tina was a bad puppy she

was just boring to be around. While Cookie loved to hunt and

run around looking for new adventures to explore. Tina’s idea

of having a good time was to sit in the shade reading her


Late Friday afternoon they set out for her grandma’s barn

How much farther aunt Maria before we get there? Tina


Not very long we should be getting there in an hour or so

Cookie’s mom answered her back smiling

Two hours later Cookie and Tina were upstairs inside the room

they were sharing at her grandma’s house unpacking their


It was nice of aunt Maria to invite me this weekend I’m sure

that we’re going to have lots of fun together Tina said.

Cookie who was still upset that Daisy wasn’t here with her

suddenly came up with an idea

Yah but umm Ti there’s something you should know about my

grandma’s house


Its haunted

Oh yah right Cookie haunted by who Casper? Tina laughed

No I’m serious didn’t you see all those stuff animals that my

grandma has lying around the living room

Yah what about them? Tina asked

Well according to my mom my grandma’s a real softie or

something like that. She considers all the animals that live in

her barn part of her family. So anytime one of them dies she

can’t bare to bury them into the ground to just rot away. So

she has them stuff as if they never died pretty weird huh?

No I think that’s very sweet of her Tina shrugged. Cookie

was a little thrown off by her answer

You do? She asked in a confused tone of voice

Yah don’t you?

I guess but since they were never buried in the right way

they come back to life late at night. And walk around all

night making funny noises

Oh come on Cookie how stupid do you think I’m to actually

believe that

Believe it or not it’s true so if I were you I’d sleep with one

eye open tonight

Whatever Cookie I’m going downstairs to grab something to

eat you coming? Tina asked

Nah! I’m going to take a nap I’m pretty tired after that long

car trip. Can you wake me up in hour?

Okay I’ll see you later then have a good nap


A couple hours later Cookie woke up she looked at the clock

on the nightstand

Oh great that little nerd forgot to wake me up she yawned

she stretched her body then went downstairs into the kitchen

Mom? Grandma? I wonder where everyone went? She walked

over to get a drink of water and saw that there was a note

on top of the counter

Cookie, Tina

Grandma and I went into town to pick up something for dinner

Love mom

Well that solves one mystery but I wonder where Tina?

Cookie began to get a funny feeling inside her stomach she

never liked to be left alone especially here. She walked into

the living room

Tina you in here?

Hey you what’s all the yelling about? A voice from the corner


Who said that Tina was that you?

No is not Tina and I don’t like it when you kids yell inside my


Oh ha-ha you nerd ball! You had me fooled for a second you

can come out now joke over! A voice from the other side of

the room cried out

Young lady what’s all the yelling about?

Oh great unless Tina knows how to throw her voice there’s no

way that she can be in two places at the same. Maybe this

house is really haunted

Cookie ran away looking for a place to hide she ran inside her

grandma’s dollhouse. She peeked out the window and saw

something moving in the shadows. That to Cookie it looked like

a big scary monster she felt safe inside the dollhouse until

she looked out the window again. And saw that the monster

was walking towards it she pressed herself against the wall

then peeked out the window again this time the monster was

staring right at her. The next thing Cookie remembered was

feeling light headed then only blackness

Wake up Cookie! Are you alright?

When Cookie opened her eyes Tina was looking down at her

Tina? Oh wow! You wouldn’t believe the nightmare I just had

this monster was chasing me and—

No Cookie you didn’t have a nightmare you fainted and the

monster you saw was only me a gentle voice answered


Yes dear? Her grandma asked holding a hairy mask over her


What’s going on?

I’m afraid that we played a little joke on you Cookie while you

were taking a nap. Tina told us what you said about grandma’s

house being haunted so we decided to give you a little taste

of your own imagination. We each hid behind one of grandma’s

stuff animals and made them come to life just like you told

Tina they did her mother explained

Well I guess I got what I deserved Cookie sobbed I’m sorry

do you guys forgive me?

Of course we do sweetie but I hope that you’ve learned a

lesson from all of this. Just because you don’t like how a

situation turns out you don’t go and make the other person

feel uncomfortable or unwanted just because things aren’t

going your way her mother answered

Oh I did! I know that I’ve been acting like a spoiled brat and

I’m sorry Ti can we start over?

I’d like that Tina smiled

And as much to Cookie’s surprise she and Tina had a great

time playing and exploring her grandmother’s barn. In fact

Cookie had such so much fun with Tina that when it was time

to drop her off at her house. Cookie asked her before she

got out of her mom’s car

Hey Ti how about the next time that we go back to my

grandma’s I’ll make sure that Daisy comes with us I’d for her

to met grandma’s ghosts!

Tina hugged Cookie good-bye then answered her back then


It would be my pleasure!



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