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Cookie was reading her favorite comic book when her phone rang. She reached over her bed and answered it


Hey can you come over? Her best friend Daisy the penguin asked

I’ve to ask my mom but I think so why what’s up? Cookie asked

I’ll tell you when you get here okay later! Daisy answered. After they hung up Cookie went downstairs and asked her mom if she could go over to Daisy’s house

Okay sweetie just be home by dinner time her mom answered

A few minutes later Cookie was knocking on Daisy’s front door

So what’s up? She asked once they were inside Daisy’s room

This Daisy answered handing her a newspaper article

We’re going to catch the cat burglar not only are we going to catch him. But he’s going to be the star in our school project

Huh? Daisy you’re not making any sense Cookie frowned

Okay you know our writing assignment that’s due for Mrs. Fox’s writing class? Daisy asked

Yah what about it? Cookie asked

Well I was thinking that instead of us just making a video explaining of how we started our detective club. That we’d show them exactly how we catch our crooks Daisy explained

That sounds great but what makes you think that we can catch him Cookie asked it says here that so far none of his victims could tell the cops what he looked like. Cause he wears a mask over his face

Cookie we’re not really going to catch him we’re just ---

A knock on her door interrupted

Hey guys! What’s up? Daisy asked letting the boys in

Hey guess what Tommy the tiger cub answered my brother said that we could tape him and his band when they play at the youth fair this weekend!

So? Daisy asked

What do you mean so? Tommy frowned how were we supposed to make a rock video without a band?

Are you kidding me Daisy smirked I don’t want to follow your dumb brother round all weekend. Besides half the kids in school don’t even know that Chuck is even in a band! I like my idea better

And what idea is that? What’s like to mall shop all day? Tommy smirked back

No we’re going to catch the cat burglar Cookie answered handing him the article

Oh yah right the cops can’t even catch him what makes you think we can? Tommy asked

Well we do always catch our crooks! Sammy the turtle laughed

Ha-ha very funny! Tommy frowned

Like I was explaining before to Cookie we’re not really going to catch him. I was thinking more that we could stage a fake robbery then show how we’d catch him if we were on the case Daisy explained. And after giving it some thought they all agreed that it was a great idea

Great I already asked Honey Kitten if we could do at it her mom’s candy store Daisy smiled. Tommy why don’t you ask Chuck if he’d like to play the role of our would be cat burglar she added

Yah okay I’m sure he’d do it Tommy answered

The next day they went over to the candy store

Okay Miss Kitten this is the story Cookie and Vicky come in to buy some candy. When they are paying for it you all start talking about the cat burglar that’s when Tommy will walk in to buy a soda. And while he’s roaming through the aisles Chuck will walk in and demand for you to give him all your money. Sammy and I will be in the back room taping and Honey will play the role of the cop

Sounds great I only have one question what happens if a real costumer walks in while we’re filming this Honey’s mom asked

Oh I’ll just go up to them and explain what’s going on Tommy answered

Okay now when Chuck takes the money he then will take out some rope and tie you guys up Daisy continued

Tie us up why? Honey’s mom asked

Oh cause all crooks do that so they can escape without worrying that the cops would be called right away. But don’t worry before Chuck even gets a chance to Tommy will jump out of his hiding place and knocks him to the ground. Then either Cookie or Vicky

will pretend to call the cops and Honey will rush in and arrest him Daisy explained

And afterwards you’ll give us a big reward for catching the burglar! Honey added smiling

A big reward huh? I don’t see anything written here about giving you kids a big reward her mom smirked

Umm no but it’d be a nice ending if you did don’t you think? Honey shrugged

Yes it’d I think that I can come up with something her mom laughed

The next afternoon they went back to the store and got everything ready. Sammy made them do some test shots just to make sure that there were enough lights for the cameras

How do I look? Honey’s mom asked

Just like a movie star! Sammy laughed. Then they taped the first part of the story without any hitches

Hey where’s Chuck? Shouldn’t he be here by now? Vicky asked when they stopped for a lunch break

He’s on his way he went to pick up a mask from his friend’s house before heading over here Tommy answered

Okay break time over! Take your places but before we start taping the second part I want to redo that last part again. Without Tommy trying to get in the picture every time he goes through the aisles Sammy frowned

A few minutes later the door opened and a mysterious figure walked in wearing a trench coat with the butt of his gun sticking out its coat pocket and a spooky mask over his face

This is a stick up! He growled every one stay right where you are and do exactly what I say! And no one will get hurt

Oh wow! He’s really good Vicky whispered over to Cookie

And cut! Sorry you guys we weren’t ready let’s do that again! Daisy cried out from the back room

Hey who said that! Come out here right now!

What are you doing you know that they can’t come out Cookie whispered over to him and take out your gun. You should’ve done that by now

Don’t tell me what to do I’ll take it out when I’m good and ready! Look I don’t know what’s going on but I’m through playing games with you kids. Now open the money drawer lady and give me your money he sneered

Honey’s mother tried not to laugh as she handed the robber all the money inside her cash drawer

And what would be so funny? He growled as he grabbed it from her hand

Okay now take the rope and tie us up Cookie whispered over to him. The burglar just looked at her as if she was crazy

Now why would I do that for? He whispered back

Because you don’t want us to call the cops before you made your get away do you? Cookie asked

Oh you’ve a good point there and before he could start tying them up. Both Vicky and Cookie began biting him

Hey! What are you doing are you two completely nuts or something knock it off! He yelled before he shoved Cookie off of him

Hey there’s no need to get so nasty here take the money and just get out Honey’s mom yelled

The burglar grabbed the money out of her hand he turned around and was about to run out of the store. When he bumped into Chuck almost knocking him

on the ground

Sorry I’m late you guys and who’s this dude I thought I was supposed to play the robber Chuck asked

Whoa wait a second if you just got here then you must be Cookie began

A real burglar he smirked now I don’t want any trouble I want you all to get in the back room. And before he could finish his statement

Tommy jumped out of his hiding spot and began wailing him. In an instant they all jump on top of the burglar. Cookie bite his hand causing him to drop the gun onto the floor

A confused Miss Honey ran over and picked it up then call the cops. A few minutes later the store was crawling with cops and frighten parents who couldn’t stop hugging their kids

Wow! I can’t believe what just happened it was a good thing that we got the whole thing on tape. This is going to be the best video ever! Tommy cried out

Not only did they get an a plus for their assignments but the mayor of Rocky Shores made Cookie and her friends local heroes and threw them a big party in their honor. But when they each thought of what could’ve happened they all agreed that they never want to go through that experience again

The next time we’ve to do a video assignment we’re definitely are doing it on Chuck and his band! Cookie laughed


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