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Hayleyisahottie1: Hey, I have been waiting for you.Frown

Camdenisajerk4: I had tutoring today. Cool

Hayleyisahottie1: Your tutored? ROFL Tongue out

Camdenisajerk4: No. FrownI am a TUTOR! Yell

Camdenisajerk4: Listen I need to tell you something....


Hayleyisahottie1: Shutup! I didn't know you were a tutorTongue out


Camdenisajerk4: Hayley I need to tell you something. Undecided

Hayleyisahottie1: What?

Camdenisajerk4: I have finally found a girl. Smile


Hayleyisahottie1 has logged out, anything you say emailed to her.

Camdenisajerk4: Why have you been ignoring me today? I called and called, and I even saw you at school but you ran away? What happened?Undecided

Hayleyisahottie1: Liisten, just forget about it..

Camdenisajerk4: Tell me right now Hayley.Foot in mouth

Hayleyisahottie1: Fine, I have been telling everyone at school me and you go out, because I have feelings for you...Embarassed

Camdenisajerk4: Well I don't feel the same way, so bug off.


Hayley and Camden eventually got back on the same page, but he never admitted that at the time, he still had feelings for her  to.


Story 2 Coming Soon: Smile

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