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The incident at the airport

Last week, I, along with the rest of my family went to the airport to receive my father who was coming from Karachi. Amongst the passengers who I could see, coming out of the exit gate was an old man of about age seventy. He was broad, fair, of medium height, was dressed up in a grey suit and wore an eye-glass on his right eye.


As he was walking past the way, with three suit cases to carry, a young woman coming out of the same gate bumped into him from behind, causing the old man to fall over the load he was carrying. Security officers rushed to that area and helped the old man to lift himself up. Due to this incident, the old man fractured the toe of his left foot. 


Within ten minutes, a lady was seen walking towards him, calling this old man from far away. I figured it was his daughter. She held his hand and took him towards the car park where as, the woman who had pushed him disappeared from my vision.

The head of security came out of his office to investigate about the incident as later we got to know that one of the suit cases of this old man could not be found. 

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