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The girl who never walked again

Last year, Tanya got selected for a horse race on her Annual Sports Day at school. She was studying in Saint Anthony's High School and was thirteen years of age. Tanya was very passionate about horses and ever since she turned five, her parents had been training her as to how to ride a horse.


When her big day arrived, she asked he dad if she would win the race. Her father gave her hope by telling her he had full confidence in her. Tanya was excited as well as nervous. As the signal turned green, a whistle was blown. This was an indication that the race had begun! 


Initially, Tanya's horse was seen leading the race. The crowd cheered with joy. Suddenly, she became over-confident and took a sharp turn thinking it would impress the crowd. This sharp turn made her horse unstable and it became very difficult for her to take full control over it. In confusion, she tried to slow it down but instead, it got out of her hands. Other students got ahead of her and Tanya fell off the horse.


The audience ran towards her and there she lay in a state of unconsciousness, bleeding. Her parents, swiftly, took her to the nearest hospital where they found out that Tanya had dislocated her hip joint and her femur had completely broken. Tears poured down her mother's eyes, making their way through her cheeks as she looked at her daughter in such a situation.


Tanya's parents got her leg operated many times but she was never able to walk. Soon she lost all her confidence and became like a pen without ink. 

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