GAZING AT SUNFLOWERS. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share


Your first wife’s friend
came in with her

for a coffee and chat
and you were sitting

on the sofa
with the sleeping cat

and she looked
at the Van Gogh print

of sunflowers
over the mantelpiece

above the open fire
did you paint that?

the friend asked
staring at it

through John Lennon
type glasses

no you said
it’s a Van Gogh print

oh she said
peering closer

I do like flowers don’t you?
Yeah you replied

sunflowers have a way
when Van Gogh

pushes them through
and she stood in silence

taking in the print
and flowers

and colours
and you noticed

she had a run
in her stockings

from the back
of her knee

to where
her thigh disappeared

beneath her drab dress
and your first wife

came in and said
oh you’re not looking

at that painting are you?
He knows all about

those arty types
with their odd ways

and weird eyes
and her friend said

turning round
scratching her ass

I know nothing
of art and such

it’s way out
of my class.

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