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A Future Sister

Patiently I shall wait for her,
My only hope sent from above.
For the coming years I shall wait
For a future sister to love.

I care not if she'd be the last,
As long as a sister is there.
If my sons must come before her,
At least I'd have a sis to care.

My future daughter shall be my
Sis, whose tears I shall wipe each night,
My future sister shall be the
Angel who'd gift my soul with light.

Like a sister, I shall listen
To her problems she'd face each day.
As her mother I shall guide her,
And not let her be led astray.

She'd be a sis whom I could hug
And whose company I shall keep.
She'll be my second heart, that if
She'd shed tears, then I too would weep.

She'll be a grand blessing from God,
Always beautiful to my eyes.
I'll try not to hurt her feelings
As she would be my greatest prize.

I shall love her for who she'd be,
And I pray that she'll love me so.
While days and nights would alternate,
I shall watch her as she would grow.

Right now I anticipate the
Time my first daughter shall be born.
With a child to treasure, I would
Neither be downcast nor forlorn.

Mariam D. Mababaya
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