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Loving Death


Living is a pain, a curse to begin with while death is a gift, satisfaction granted. I don't fear death and I'm more than ready to die now. It's just fate won't let me. Fate wants me to suffer as long as I'm breathing. I don't have any idea when my time will come but I'm not willing to wait and I'll do everything to end my life and be free from this curse......the ability to see death yet unable to touch it. Painless or not, I'm more than happy to greet death. I don't care where and I don't care how as long as my heart stops beating its all right because only death can give me three things that matter most....guilt free, contentment and happiness. I want to break the curse that was making me suffer everyday my eyes darted to a crowd of ignorant people. They don't know anything. Their blind of the truth.

I don't know why I was cursed. Maybe it all started that stormy night when I was still five. When my family was driving down town for a short vacation. Dad was driving slow that time because the road was slippery and Mom was busy tending to me and my three brothers in the backseat. I could still remember our silly banter back then...

"Oh, get your chubby butt off me Leigh!" Grant said and gave me a shove. I made a face at him and hop to my second brother's lap, Lenard. "Ow, Leigh, I'm reading..." he whined and lift me off him and pass me to my other brother Daniel. "Geez, why do you want to sit in everybody's lap, your already five" he muttered in annoyance and I giggle at him. "Because I'm still a baby!" I said and giggle some more. "You're not a baby anymore Leigh, you'll be going to school soon" Lenard pointed out dryly. I pout at him. "But I don't want to go to school, I'll be bullied!" I whined and snuggled to Daniel. "That's why were here Leigh, just tell us who's the kid and we'll take care of it" Grant said and gave me a wink. I beamed a smile at them and turn to Mom. "Did you hear that Mom, Grant said he'll-"

Fate didn't forbid me to finish what I was about to say, lights blinded my eyes, I heard the tires screeching, my mom screaming and my brother's panicking mutters and then we bump on something and everything went peaceful. Pain throbbed in my right head and I opened my eyes. I can't breathe normally since something is on top of me. I tried to push it away and when I did, Daniel's lifeless bloody layed beside me. My breath hitched in my throat as I saw blood oozing out of a huge wound in his head. He was not breathing and I crawled towards him shakily. "Daniel....." I sobbed and burried my face in his blood-soaked shirt. "L-leigh...." I heard someone moaned my name and even wih my eyes blurry in tears I sought who was calling me.
"L-leigh....." I looked at my right and froze. Grant's body was there,his face shattered of glass. He was dead too and with trembling fingers I managed to crawl to his side and give him a hug. "L-leigh" i heard it again and I look around just to find my Mom looking at me with tear-stricken face and blood flowing from her mouth. "Mom!" I ignored all the pain in my body and crawl to her side. "L-leigh....I...." I sobbed and stop her from saying anything as her bleeding got worse. "Mom.....I need to ask for help, you'll be all right okay" I assured her but mostly assuring myself. She managed a sad smile and shook her head. "N-no darling......Y-you need to....." she coughed blood and I hug her tightly. "No mom, you can't leave me..."

''Hush darling....now......I...I...want you to take care of yourself.....live.." she said and kissed my forehead I cried and cried as we hug each other but her grip loosen until her arms fall limply in her side and I know she's gone too..... I looked at her peaceful face, close her eyes and hug her again. I lay there almost like forever, looking at my beloved's faces and crying until I heard sirens and then everything went black.

When I wake up, I saw unfriendly faces looking down at me with pity in their eyes and I know then that I was alone. None of my relatives took custody of me and after my family's burial, I was sent to an orphanage where there are a lot of children like me. At first, I thought I wasn't alone but I was wrong. They can't see what I could. They don't understand when I told them that- that person will die, this person will die this time. They thought I was crazy so they sent me to a mental hospital but even there I did not fit. I told them there would be a fire that would kill half of the patients but they did not listen and when it happened for real, they turn the blame on me. My past sixteen years was spent in a single dimly lighted room like I was some kind of criminal and my four other years was spent in the streets. And now I'm spending this year in suicide attempts which doesn't work.

I walked inside a pub and ordered for a bottle of drink. I'll turn twenty-one tomorrow and hopefully this will be my last night and tomorrow I'll be spotted lifeless and with luck strike the news. I smiled dryly at the thought and took a large gulp of tequila.

"Problem?" A deep voice asked which certainly comes from a man. I ignored it and took another gulp. I felt warm and fuzzy as the alcohol slowly took effect.

"I'm not in the mood to be ignored by a beauty tonight" the deep voice added and in a blink, the glass of tequila disappeared from my hand. I was forced to look at the man. I needed to look up because he was tall. He was wearing what I recognize as a very cocky grin. I let my eyes roamed over his face, my vision was a bit blurry so squinting my eyes, I peered at his face until I notice something in his forehead. A very visible mark like tattoo was carved there. I know that mark, it was hunting me that I would always have this sudden urge to close my eyes. A shiver run thorough my spine. It was a death mark and a very visible one.

"Mesmerized are we?" the man said with a very wide grin. I looked at his eyes and froze as I saw how he'll die, a very tragic death.

"Midnight at Crossaint Street" I mumbled and grab my purse.

"Is that when and where we'll meet?" he asked amusedly. I shook my head and turn my back on him and with a deep breath said...

"No...It's when and where you'll die..."


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