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This is just a rough draft and it ain't finshed yet I am sorry.


 I was on my home from my job, but stoped when I saw my foster parent's house. I didn't want to go back, my foster dad, Robert, he's always drunk and when he's like that he's more abusive that when he's not, my foster mom, Angela, she yells at me for nothing and when I yell back she would hit me with a frying pan, but most of the time she is really skidish. Robert is worse, sometimes he would grab his gun and shoot me in a nonlethal place or he would pull out his knife and cut me. I won't cry out in pain that would just make him abuse me more.

 I walked through the front door, and I could hear the television in the living room and Angela cooking in the kitchen "Hi hony, how are you?" She called form the kitchen. I did not feel like answering so I just walked on towards my room. I walked past the living room and Robert called out "Answer your mother Kiefer(KEE-FER)!" I ignored him and just keept on walking. I heard him get up, and as soon as I turned around I see stars and the floor. My jaw was burning and I could taste blood in my mouth. I picked up my head and hit him square in the jaw. He droped to the floor and when he came up he threw his knife at me. The knife hit me square in the shoulder, but I ignored the pain and threw another punch this one slid off his cheek and tore skin. He put his hand up to his face for awhile but kept on fighting me with his other hand. The knife was still in my shoulder but neither of us pulled it out. It slowed down my left arm, but not much. You could say I learnd how to put up with pain. He grabed me by my neck and threw me up against the wall. My feet couldn't touch the ground. He started to yell at me but I couldn't understand a single word he was saying because it was slurred and he was spiting blood everywhere from the teeth I punched out. "Robert stop it!" Angela said from the kitchen door way. He let me go but not with out twisting the knife deeper in my shoulder then pulling it out. I walked down the hallway towards the stirs that led to my room picking up my stuff along the way. Once I got to my room I striped down to my boxers and went to bed with out dressing my wounds, and if I went to the hospital they would start asking questions and call the cops then my foster parents and they would deni everyting that happend.

 I woke up sweating but I couldnt remember why. I got up and went to my bathroom that was conected to my room. I caught my refletion in the mirror, I had a black eye, brusied jaw, split lip, and a hole in my shoulder where the knife had hit me that was still bleeding. I wounder how Robert looks probably worse than me. I took of my boxers and stepped into the shower. I didn't relize how much my muciles hurt until the warm water hit my body. I got out of the shower when I noticed my pitch black hair had red blood highlights usually there is just blond but nows there is red. Then the sun went behind some clouds and the ed in me hair disaperd. My silver eyes flashed sappire blue, but why?

 I was thinking about my eyes and my hair on the way to the kitchen. I walked through the door way and ran into Angela, she droped what was in her hand. It shatterd once it hit the floor, some of the pices cut into my foot "OH my god i'm so sorry!" She cried. "I Didn't mean to drop it." I just bent over and picked up the pieces and threw them away. She started to ramble on about happened last night and that it didn't seem fair, because Robert is bigger than me. I toned out what she was saying and made a piece of toast. I got so caught up about toaning her out that I didn't hear her come up. When she touched my shoulder I turned and bought punched her. I stoped in mid punch when I relized it was her. Her face looked shocked and surprised. I put my fist down and went back to making toast When my phone vibrated in my pocket, I pulled it out and flipped it open. The text message said "need u to come in now." I could tell it was from my boss he'd be the only one too text me like that. I left on my sckateboard with my school stuff as soon as I got the text.

 I arived at the building ten minutes later after I left the house. I left my stuff in the lobby and then one of the gaurds took me into the elevator then I pushed the number 13. The elevator shot up to the 13th floor. The doors opened and I steped out. The room looked the same the leather couch in the middle of the room, two leather chairs and a coffe table in the middle. I walked over to the chair closest to the door, waiting for my boss. He's tall with short croped hair and dark eyes. I don't know his real name, because I just call him boss or sir.

 I waited two minutes before my boss came out. A man followed him and they shook hands then the man left. My boss looked at me and motioned for me to come in and sit in front of his desk, well more like stood in front of his desk. I dont like to sit in his office geting orders. He handed me a folder and I looked at it. There was a picture of a man around his 50's and a discription with directions and information on what he dose and where he goes everyday. I looked at my boss and nodded my head then left. I walked to the elevator and met one of the guards. He pushed the botton that took you to the lobby. The elevator doors opend and I got out. I looked through the folderto find out where he was ant this time of day, it said brunch at Salutain Restaurant. As soon as I walked out the lobby doors and grabed my sckateboard, I sckated in that direction.

 Once I got to the restaurant I waited in a bush untill the man came out. When he came out he stopped to pull out a cigarette and lit it. I pulled out my knife and threw it. It struck him in the chest. He droped his cigarette and his face was twisted with pain and shock. Some girl screamed at the same time as he hit the ground. I left the area and went to school. On the way to school I droped off the folder to one of the guards that work for my boss.After that I headed towards the school.

 I walked through the front doors and went to the main office to get my late pass than went to one of my classes. I looked at the clock to see that the time was 10:30Am, so first lunch just started. So that ment I was in 3rd block. I walked through the door and grabed my seat in the back of the room. The teacher didn't even glance my way. I pulled my papers out and put them on my desk. I started to take notes then fell asleep.

 I woke up at the sound of the bell ringing, so I packed up my stuff and went to lunch. I got to the lunch room and found one of my friends, Lay in the lunch line. She saw me and waved I half waved back and walked over. She has long blond hair and hazel eyes. "Where were you this morning?"

  "Doin my job. Why?"

  "Well I was going to give you something but i guss you'll have to wait till tomorrow."

  "Wait why?"

  "You were late so you'll have to wait till tomorrow."

  "Fine. Whats for lunch?"

  "Don't know."


She started to talk about her day so far, I just noded at the approprite times. I had a couple of guys come up to me and shook my hand. Lay continued to talk about what happened last night and the morning. "So how was your night? You kind of look beat."

She asked all of asuden.

  "My foster dad and I got into a fight. I got the knife to the shoulder." I showed her the once white pad over the hole in my shoulder.

  "Oh I  figured you got into a fight but not with your dad."

  "He's not my dad." I growled

  "Sorry i just didn't wnat to say your foster dad."

  "You just did."

  "Right. Anyway you never told me what your job was and why you had to go do that instead of coming to school."

  "It's nothing important and I always trun in my school work the next day." I said grabing my tray.

  "Thats not my point, I don't see you in the morning any more and on more that one accasion you come in looking like crap." She replyed Paying for her lunch.

  "Well my boss told me not to tall any one not even my foster parents."

  "Why not?"

  "I dom't know. He just told me not to."

She shut up after that and we went to our table with some other friends. She sat down but i decided to sit with my team that was just across from her. I was talking to one of the guys when I caught Lay looking at me with a concernd look on her face.

 The lunch bell rung for us to go to class I walked next to Lay and listen to what she was saying. She said something about some guy dieing with a knife in his chest this morning. They ran the blades hilt for prints but didn't find any. Sometimes I wonder how she finds out this information. Some people knew that some guy died with a blade in his chest but how did she find out about the fingerprints? She stoped in front of her class and looked at me shyly. "What?" I ask. She only blushed more, gave me a hug then went to her class. My class was just down the hall so it was no problem to walk with her. I walked in my class and bumed into someone "Sorry man I didn't see you coming out." I said

  "Look next time why don't you."

  "You know what. Know that you mentioned it I'm not sorry."


  "Because your an ass." He threw his fist after that. I ducked and his fist slamed into the wall and my fist conected with his ribs. He yelled out and was about to punch me back when the teacher came up and wisperd in his ear "I woulden't if I were you. He's stronger that you think." The kid put down his fist and went to his last class. I found my seat in the back of the room and took a nap.

 The last bell of the day woke me up and I left. I keep my sckateboard on my bag or book bag, so it was easyfor me to leave with out waiting on the bus. I usally have football practice but all this week we get a break. I undid my sckateboard from my bag and headed down the side walk towards the house. My cell vibrated in my pocket, and when i pulled it out and opened it, it said "come into the officew." I closed my cell and replced it pack in my pocket, and headed towards the building.

 Once I got to the building I went up to the office. When I got in the office my boss was waiting for me out side his office. There was a folder on the coffe table. I walked over put down my stuff and sat down. When he gave me the ok I picked up the folder and opened it. the picture was of a lady with strawberry red hair and green eyes. Her name was Jeniffer Blue, Age 42, Blood type AB+, ect. I asked for details and he gave them to me. I exused my self and left. When I got to the front doors I undid my sckateboard and headed towards her office building.

 Some times I wonder why they wanted these people killed, but I don't dare ask. Last time I asked i got thrown across the room and ended up with broken ribs.

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