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Kids accompany Santa on Christmas Eve trip

Santa selected Regina and Reginald to accompany him on his around-the-world Christmas Eve trip. “Thanks for choosing us to ride with you,” Regina said. “Yeah, thanks, Santa,” echoed Reginald. “This is a dream come true.” “A dream come true for me, too,” agreed Regina. “In fact, I’ve been praying about this for a couple of years.” “I have a job for each of you this evening,” Santa said. “Regina, I want you to pray over all of the Christmas presents that we leave at people’s homes, and that Jesus will be glorified on Christmas Day around the world.” “What’s my job, Santa?,” Reginald asked. “Your job, Reginald, is to keep an eye on the skies to make sure we don’t crash into anything,” Santa said. “It doesn’t hurt to be extra careful when flying these days.” Not long after the sleigh became airborne, Reginald yelled, “Look out, Santa!” “Ouch! That hurt!,” exclaimed Santa. A wind-blown rock had grazed Santa’s chin. “Are you alright?,” Regina asked. Santa rubbed his chin and observed, “I’m fine, but if that rock had been a fraction of an inch higher, I might be missing a tooth or two.” Regina had settled into a comfortable position and had begun praying over the presents. She held up a large package and asked Santa, “Is this for a boy or a girl, Santa?” This is a cool pair of basketball shoes, and they’re for a boy,” Santa replied. “Dear Lord, I pray that this boy will have fun with these basketball shoes,” Regina prayed. “And I pray that he will ask Jesus to live in his heart.” Santa pointed to a smaller box. “This box is filled with candy for a young lady who has a big sweet tooth,” he said. “Heavenly Father, I pray that this little girl will enjoy this candy,” Regina prayed. “Help her not to eat it all at once. I don’t want her to get sick. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” Reginald continued to look out for flying objects He noticed the biggest planet he had ever seen. “May I please borrow your camera?,” he asked Santa. “Certainly, Reginald,” Santa said. “Certainly.” Reginald took a picture of the planet with Santa’s special camera, which was capable of taking up-close photos of very far away heavenly bodies. “Will you please text a copy of the photo to me?,’ asked Santa. “I’d like to add it to my special Christmas memories photo album.” “I’ll be glad to, Santa,” said Reginald. “On two conditions.” “What conditions?,” asked Santa with a faux frown. “When you start checking your naughty and nice list for Christmas presents next year, could you please be a bit lenient with me…just in case I’m not quite as good next year as I’ve been this year? The second condition is I’ll need your cell phone number.” To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements and/or puppet ministry, please email

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