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The Newspaper Blessing

Merry Christmas!!!!! Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Today I went to church and had a glorious time in the Lord. I gave an offering of 25 cents, which is was what I had in my purse. I got a chance to speak with one of my favorite Pastor’s who had been on my heart to speak with for weeks about several items. All items that the Lord layed on my heart were discussed with her. It appeared that both of us were awesomely blessed at the revelations revealed as we spoke with one another. After the Dollar in the Wind story yesterday and the glorious service and fellowship at church, I was looking for God to continue blessing. Prior to church, I had planned that I would go for a walk when I got home. It was sunny out and I thought my walk was going to be great. I came home and was full of energy and meditation in the Lord. I was so caught up in how wonderful church was and reflections of my discussion with the pastor there that I almost forgot about my walk. I then remembered and set out on my journey. I also took my two pound hand weights with me so that I could work out my arms as I walked. After the Dollar in the Wind story, I decided I am open to receiving anyhow and any way. I began walking and noticed the usual things on my journey. One of the usual things on Sunday is that at 2 places during my walk there are people selling newspapers outside. I normally pass them without issue at the beginning of my walk route and again at the end. Today I passed the first place and kept walking. When I got to the second place the lady asked me did I want a free newspaper. I said yes and took 1 and she said do you want two, maybe one to give to your neighbor? I said sure. I kept on my walk route and praised God because each paper normally cost $1.50 and this would mean that my 25 cents offering was just multiplied significantly by receiving free papers. I continued my route and was heading back in a way where I would have to pass the newspaper person again. When I got to the person, I said thank you for the papers and asked could I have another one. I asked for another one because three is kind of like a number of approval in my mind. Something I had learned from the Pastor that I spoke with earlier in the day. I told the newspaper lady thank you. I then explained about the Dollar in the Wind story and about my 25 cents offering earlier today and how receiving these newspapers was a multiplied return on the seed earlier today and that I am going to scour the newspapers for blessings. The lady said that the reason she could give them away is because another customer had come by earlier and gave such a large donation for papers to her and said to her to bless others with free newspapers. So this is what this lady did. I then asked this lady had she heard about God’s Free Gift. She said she was had been a muslim for about 5 years and she was divorced, etc. and that there are many religions and that she believed that Jesus was a man but a lot of religions say a lot of things. She also explained that she was bipolar and had been depressed lately. I then told her that Romans 8:9-10 stated: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. I also explained that saved in the greek means healed as well. She said she didn’t know that. I asked did she want to pray the prayer of salvation right now. She said no. I explained that the Bible is the only book that promises eternal life for accepting Jesus. She just listened and said she did not want to pray. I then said thank you again for the newspapers and told her that she was a blessing to the Lord and God is going to bless her. I praise God for allowing me to sow the seed of salvation. So, let’s calculate. I sowed a seed in church of 25 cents today. I got 3 newspapers valued at $1.50 each. This is a 1800% return on the seed sown. Also, I did not think about this until after this incident happened, but the 25 cents actually exceeds the tithe amount required for the dollar that I got yesterday. So I technically sowed my 10% for the $1 received yesterday and then and an additional 15 cents which is 1.5 times the amount of tithes that we are supposed to sow off of income. Then look how God blessed. Also, notice that yesterday I sowed into a homeless person on the street and got a 250% return on investment. Today I sowed into the kingdom(an actual lesser amount than I sowed yesterday) of God and got a 1800% return on the seed on the same day. I have heard biblical teaching that suggests when you give to people you get back similar to what you gave. However, when you give to God, your blessing is multiplied much more. Anyway, I thought I would share this as info.(not trying to do a bible study on it.) This time it took about four hours for the return on my seed. 2 of those hours between the time I sowed my seed and when I went walking, I spent talking with the Pastor that I had been wanting to talk to for weeks. Only God knows what blessings await me inside the newspapers.

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