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Reporter, interviewee open new business


Sarah, who worked as a nurse at the local nursing home, loved to sing Christmas carols.


She work up every morning with a song...a Christmas song… in her heart.

The Christ-child-in-a-manger-songs. Rudolph-and-Santa songs. Christmas tree-decorating songs. Sweethearts-at-Christmas songs. Christmas wedding songs.

The local newspaper learned about Sarah’s love of Christmas songs and wanted to publish a story about her. Sarah agreed to meet Sandra, the newspaper’s ace Christmas reporter, to discuss her love of Christmas songs.

Sandra, who immensely enjoyed Christmas songs, too, eagerly anticipated her interview with Sarah. The women met at a Christmas café, which was open year round.

Christmas music played softly in the background as Sandra interviewed Sarah. “So why do you enjoy Christmas music so much?,” Sandra asked.

“Every time I hear a Christmas song, I think about the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, and how he came into the world to save us from sin,” Sarah replied.

“When did you begin to develop your love of Christmas songs?,” Sandra asked.

“Oh, I didn’t develop a love of Christmas music,” Sarah answered. “I was born with the love for it. And when I’m on duty at the nursing home, I can sing Christmas songs to the residents all day long.”

“I know what you’re talkin’ about!,” Sandra exclaimed. “I believe the Lord instilled a love of Christmas music in me when I was still in my mother’s womb!”

Sandra continued, “My mom even says that when I kicked her she could hear me humming the tune to ‘Silent Night.’”

“And my mother tells me that within a few weeks of when I was born, I was crying the tune to the song, “’Away in a Manger,’” Sarah said. “But she says I cried softly, like I was peacefully crying myself to sleep.”

“Hey, Sarah,” said Sandra, “I have an idea. “Why don’t we team up and open our own Christmas-themed business?”

“That’s a great idea, Sandra,” said Sarah. “What kind of business do you think we should open?”

“I’m not sure,” Sandra said. “We probably need to get together a few times and discuss the details. Since we both enjoy Christmas songs so much, one idea might be to incorporate Christmas music into the theme of the business. I do believe we need to make sure the business honors and glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ. After all, He is the reason for the Christmas season!”

“Actually,” Sarah replied, “He is the reason for every season!”

“Even winter, spring, summer and fall,” laughed Sandra. “The Lord Jesus Christ created them all!”

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