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Cowboys prepare to spend Christmas Eve outdoors







Donovan and Durward were cowboys who lived on a large ranch in the southwestern United States.

Most of the hired hands preferred sleeping in the bunkhouse at night. Durward and Donovan, however, under the stars every time they could.

For Durward and Donovan, sleeping under the stars was very enjoyable. “This reminds me of when I was growing up,” said Donovan. “Eatin’ beans and drinkin’ fresh coffee.”


Durward possessed similar childhood memories. “Same here,” he agreed. “But I never learned to appreciate the taste of coffee. I always preferred a nice big cup of cool, refreshing water from the nearby spring.”


“And you’ve carried that tradition over into your adulthood,” Donovan observed.


Regardless of the temperature or weather conditions, the two cowpokes relished their time outdoors. Both of them felt they were in a perpetual church service, continually offering praise unto God.


“The music is so natural and refreshing,” said Donovan, making note of the coyotes howling in the background. The cattle made their usual comforting noises.


“it sure beats anything that I’ve ever heard on a piano, organ, guitar or drums,” agreed Durward. “In a regular church service, all we hear is our own sounds as we offer up our praises unto God.”


“In our outdoor church, we even get to hear the animals express their praise to their Creator,” said Donovan. “And the moon, stars and planets paint such a beautiful landscape. I like them much better than the stained-glass windows in any church.”


“Yes,” said Durward. “It’s almost like you can see creation becoming more beautiful with each passing moment.”


Denise, the ranch’s owner, sent Danielle, the spread’s foreman, to check on the two rugged cowboys. “Howdy, Ma’am,” Durward greeted his boss. He assisted Danielle as she dismounted fromDoris, her horse.


“Howdy, Boys,” Danielle returned the greeting. “Miss Denise wanted me to ask you if you wanted to spend Christmas Eve in the bunkhouse. We’re having a Christmas party, and we’d love for you to be there. Santa Claus may even make a surprise appearance.”


“No thanks, Miss Danielle,” said Durward. “But after Santa reads the Christmas story about Jesus’ birth to the rest of the guys, maybe you could let him trade his reindeer and sleigh for a saddle horse long enough for him to come and read the Christmas story to us, too!”


“Great idea,” said Donovan. “I know Santa likes to get milk and cookies, but we’re fresh out of both of them.”


“So maybe we can surprise him with a can of our beans!,” beamed Durward.


“And a cup of hot coffee!,” exclaimed Donovan.


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