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Mrs. Santa installs special seat belt on sleigh




Millions of people around the world looked at Santa as the supreme Christmas icon.

Santa, however, reserved the top spot in his big-as-Christmas heart for Jesus Christ, the reason for the season.

Both Santa and his wife, Mrs. Santa, favored Christmas as their holiday of choice. Also, both realized that without the birth of the Christ-child, the Christmas holiday season would have no real value.

“Jesus left the majesty and splendor of heaven,” said Mrs. Santa. “He came to this world full of sin because of the love he had for those who lived in the world.”

“And while He was carrying His burden of love, He was also bearing the weight of sin for every person who has ever lived, as well as those who have not even been born,” Santa added.

“I have an idea, Santa,” said Mrs. Santa. “Why don’t we use our special printing presses to provide free Bibles for every person in the world.”

“We can sure do that, Honey,” said Santa. “But we definitely won’t be able to accomplish that goal before Christmas. Not even our North Pole printing presses can work that kind of magic.”

“We must consider several factors,” he continued. “We must make sure we have God’s Word translated into every language and every dialect.”

“And there are more than seven billion people living in the world now,” said Mrs. Santa. “We must make sure we print enough copies for everyone.”

“You have such a missionary heart,” Santa replied.

“In Matthew, chapter 28, Jesus says, ‘God ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,’” Mrs. Santa said. “I don’t think He wants us to leave out anyone.”

“That’s just the way Jesus is,” Santa said. “The Bible tells us inJohn 3:16, ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.’”

“Jesus died for every one of us, that’s for sure,” said Mrs. Santa.

“I’m glad that you and I are among those that Jesus died to save,” remarked Santa.

“So am I, Santa,” said his wife. “I’m glad that I asked the Lord Jesus to come into my heart many years ago. And I’m very proud of the fact I have an opportunity to pray for you every day.”

“I appreciate your prayers for me every day,” Santa smiled. “But the most important day to pray for me is Christmas Eve. Since I fly the sleigh only one night each year, it’s a pretty dangerous around-the-world trip.”

“I think prayer is an important tool in your Christmas Eve safety,” Mrs. Santa acknowledged. “Now I wouldn’t be concerned at all about your trip if I could get you to start wearing the special seat belt I had installed on the sleigh for you!”

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